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Clinical Ophthalmology

Archive: Volume 13, 2019

Self-perceived preparedness and competence among ophthalmology residents for open globe repair

Zafar S, Chen X, Woreta F, Sikder S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1273-1278

Published Date: 16 July 2019

Comparative study of the clinical profile of chronic dacryocystitis and chronic rhinosinusitis after external dacryocystorhinostomy

Soriano LMC, Damasceno NA, Herzog Neto G, Damasceno EF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1267-1271

Published Date: 16 July 2019

Idiopathic epiretinal membrane surgery: safety, efficacy and patient related outcomes

Iuliano L, Fogliato G, Gorgoni F, Corbelli E, Bandello F, Codenotti M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1253-1265

Published Date: 15 July 2019

Results of switchback from ranibizumab to aflibercept in patients with exudative age-related macular degeneration

Koike N, Otsuji T, Tsumura A, Miki K, Sakai Y, Nishimura T, Takahashi K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1247-1251

Published Date: 15 July 2019

360° ab-interno Schlemm’s canal viscodilation in primary open-angle glaucoma

Ondrejka S, Körber N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1235-1246

Published Date: 15 July 2019

Influence of bacterial burden on meibomian gland dysfunction and ocular surface disease

Nattis A, Perry HD, Rosenberg ED, Donnenfeld ED

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1225-1234

Published Date: 12 July 2019

The short-term physiological impact of switching reusable silicone hydrogel wearers into a hydrogel daily disposable multifocal

Moezzi AM, Varikooty J, Luensmann D, Schulze MM, Ng A, Karkkainen T, Xu J, Jones L

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1193-1202

Published Date: 10 July 2019

Optimal management of pediatric keratoconus: challenges and solutions

Olivo-Payne A, Abdala-Figuerola A, Hernandez-Bogantes E, Pedro-Aguilar L, Chan E, Godefrooij D

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1183-1191

Published Date: 10 July 2019

Lamellar macular holes: monitoring and management strategies

Coassin M, Mori T, Di Zazzo A, Sgrulletta R, Varacalli G, Bonini S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1173-1182

Published Date: 9 July 2019

The UK Paediatric Ocular Trauma Study 3 (POTS3): clinical features and initial management of injuries

Barry RJ, Sii F, Bruynseels A, Abbott J, Blanch RJ, MacEwen CJ, Shah P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1165-1172

Published Date: 8 July 2019

Efficacy of carbomer sodium hyaluronate trehalose vs hyaluronic acid to improve tear film instability and ocular surface discomfort after cataract surgery

Caretti L, La Gloria Valerio A, Piermarocchi R, Badin G, Verzola G, Masarà F, Scalora T, Monterosso C

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1157-1163

Published Date: 9 July 2019

Alteration in binocular fusion modifies audiovisual integration in children

Quercia P, Pozzo T, Marino A, Guillemant AL, Cappe C, Gueugneau N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1137-1145

Published Date: 4 July 2019

The frequency of non-pathologically thin corneas in young healthy adults

Rashdan H, Shah M, Robertson DM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1123-1135

Published Date: 9 July 2019

Safety of anti-VEGF treatments in a diabetic rat model and retinal cell culture

Filek R, Hooper P, Sheidow TG, Liu H, Chakrabarti S, Hutnik CML

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1097-1114

Published Date: 1 July 2019

Two-year analysis of changes in the optic nerve and retina following anti-VEGF treatments in diabetic macular edema patients

Filek R, Hooper P, Sheidow TG, Gonder J, Chakrabarti S, Hutnik CML

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1087-1096

Published Date: 1 July 2019

The effects of temporary intraocular pressure spikes after intravitreal dexamethasone implantation on the retinal nerve fiber layer

Wannamaker KW, Kenny S, Das R, Mendlovitz A, Comstock JM, Chu ER, Bahadorani S, Gresores NJ, Beck KD, Krambeer CJ, Kermany DS, Diaz-Rohena R, Nolan DP, Sohn JH, Singer MA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1079-1086

Published Date: 27 June 2019

Perceived difficulties and barriers to uptake of Descemet’s membrane endothelial keratoplasty among surgeons

Zafar S, Parker JS, de Kort C, Melles G, Sikder S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1055-1061

Published Date: 21 June 2019

Improvement in ocular symptoms and signs in patients with Demodex anterior blepharitis using a novel terpinen-4-ol (2.5%) and hyaluronic acid (0.2%) cleansing wipe

Messaoud R, El Fekih L, Mahmoud A, Ben Amor H, Bannour R, Doan S, Khairallah M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1043-1054

Published Date: 20 June 2019

Long-term stability of laser-demarcated macula-sparing rhegmatogenous retinal detachments

Lin J, Sridhar J, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1039-1041

Published Date: 19 June 2019

Six months' treatment with lifitegrast in patients with moderate-to-severe symptomatic dry eye: a retrospective chart review

Atallah RT, Castanos MV, Najac R, Donnenfeld E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1033-1037

Published Date: 19 June 2019

Ocular angiostrongyliasis in Thailand: a retrospective analysis over two decades

Sinawat S, Trisakul T, Choi S, Morley M, Sinawat S, Yospaiboon Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1027-1031

Published Date: 18 June 2019

An assessment of the ocular tear film in patients with thyroid disorders

Alanazi SA, Alomran AA, Abusharha A, Fagehi R, Al-Johani NJ, El-Hiti GA, Masmali AM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1019-1026

Published Date: 28 June 2019

Effect of Refresh Plus® preservative-free lubricant eyedrops on tear ferning patterns in dry eye and normal eye subjects

Alanazi SA, Badawood YS, Aldawood MA, El-Hiti GA, Masmali AM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1011-1017

Published Date: 14 June 2019

Combined low level light therapy and intense pulsed light therapy for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction

Stonecipher K, Abell TG, Chotiner B, Chotiner E, Potvin R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:993-999

Published Date: 11 June 2019

Vitrectomy for macular edema due to retinal vein occlusion

Kumagai K, Ogino N, Fukami M, Furukawa M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:969-984

Published Date: 13 June 2019

Half-dose photodynamic therapy for serous non-neovascular retinal pigment epithelial detachment

Inoda S, Takahashi H, Inoue Y, Tampo H, Sakamoto S, Arai Y, Kawashima H, Yanagi Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:959-968

Published Date: 6 June 2019

Clinical comparison of speculum’s influence on intraoperative aberrometry reading

Lafetá Queiroz RF, Kniggendorf DV, de Medeiros AL, Hida WT, Nakano CT, Carricondo PC, Nosé W, Rolim AG, Motta AFP

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:953-958

Published Date: 7 June 2019

Effect of Nd:YAG laser posterior capsulotomy on intraocular pressure, refraction, anterior chamber depth, and macular thickness

Parajuli A, Joshi P, Subedi P, Pradhan C

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:945-952

Published Date: 6 June 2019

Bilateral acute iris transillumination (BAIT) syndrome: literature review

Perone JM, Chaussard D, Hayek G

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:935-943

Published Date: 5 June 2019

Subfoveal choroidal thickness in diabetic macular edema

Mohamed DM, Hassan NA, Osman AA, Osman MH

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:921-925

Published Date: 31 May 2019

Granuloma-like formation in deeper retinal plexus in ocular sarcoidosis

Usui Y, Goto H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:895-896

Published Date: 27 May 2019

Safety and efficacy of amniotic cytokine extract in the treatment of dry eye disease

Yeu E, Goldberg DF, Mah FS, Beckman KA, Luchs JI, Solomon JD, White DE, Gupta PK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:887-894

Published Date: 27 May 2019

Clinical features of pediatric idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Agraz D, Morgan LA, Fouzdar Jain S, Suh DW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:881-886

Published Date: 24 May 2019

Identification of eyes at risk of acute primary angle-closure in elderly Japanese patients

Muto T, Nishimura T, Sakamoto M, Inomata T, Machida S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:859-868

Published Date: 23 May 2019

Evaluating the efficacy of short duration Mitomycin C in safe surgery system trabeculectomy combined with cataract surgery

Khandelwal R, Bijlani M, Raje D, Rathi A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:849-857

Published Date: 22 May 2019

Self-monitoring of intraocular pressure using Icare HOME tonometry in clinical practice

Cvenkel B, Atanasovska Velkovska M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:841-847

Published Date: 10 May 2019

Dexamethasone implant in the management of diabetic macular edema from clinician’s perspective

Urbančič M, Gardašević Topčić I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:829-840

Published Date: 13 May 2019

Evaluation of macular pigment optical density following femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery

Verdina T, Date P, Benatti C, Lazzerini A, Fornasari E, De Maria M, Pellacani E, Forlini M, Cavallini GM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:821-828

Published Date: 6 May 2019

Systemic exposure to intracameral vs topical mydriatic agents: in cataract surgery

Guell J, Behndig A, Pleyer U, Jaulerry S, Rozot P, Pisella PJ, Robert PY, Lanzl I, Pourjavan S, Aguiar C, Fernandez J, Grabner G, Mencucci R, Chiambaretta F, Labetoulle M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:811-819

Published Date: 3 May 2019

Surgery-induced iris abnormalities after Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty and their impact on postoperative clinical outcomes

Mori N, Yokogawa H, Kobayashi A, Nishino T, Sugiyama K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:805-809

Published Date: 2 May 2019

Evaluation of endothelial/Descemet membrane complex of eye bank donor corneas using enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography

Syed ZA, Gameiro GR, Ruggeri M, Elsawy A, Sayed-Ahmed I, Roongpoovapatr V, Abdel-Mottaleb M, Abou Shousha M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:789-794

Published Date: 8 May 2019

Efficacy and safety of bromfenac 0.09% and sodium hyaluronate 0.4% combination therapy, versus placebo in patients with pterygium I–III for clinical signs on ocular inflammation

Chávez-Mondragón E, Palacio C, Soto-Gómez A, Villanueva-Nájera M, De Wit-Carter G, Suárez-Velasco R, Baiza-Duran L, Olvera-Montaño O, Muñoz-Villegas P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:781-787

Published Date: 2 May 2019

The epidemiology and treatment of conjunctivitis at Urgent Care Centres in Israel

Gordon-Shaag A, Zimmerman DR, Shneor E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:771-779

Published Date: 2 May 2019

Correlation between body mass index and ocular parameters

Panon N, Luangsawang K, Rugaber C, Tongchit T, Thongsepee N, Cheaha D, Kongjaidee P, Changtong A, Daradas A, Chotimol P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:763-769

Published Date: 30 April 2019

A rapid technique for en masse soft cataract phacoemulsification

Om Parkash R, Mahajan S, Om Parkash T, Vajpayee RB, Om Parkash T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:755-762

Published Date: 26 April 2019

Patient satisfaction and self-reported dry eye symptoms in hyperopic patients treated with femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis

Mäkinen P, Huhtala A, Pietilä J, Nättinen J, Rajala T, Salmenhaara K, Udratov M, Uusitalo H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:741-754

Published Date: 26 April 2019

Acupuncture and dry eye: current perspectives. A double-blinded randomized controlled trial and review of the literature

Dhaliwal DK, Zhou S, Samudre SS, Lo NJ, Rhee MK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:731-740

Published Date: 24 April 2019

Optical coherence tomography patterns of diabetic macular edema in a Saudi population

Yassin SA, ALjohani SM, Alromaih AZ, Alrushood AA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:707-714

Published Date: 24 April 2019

Prefilled syringes for intravitreal drug delivery

Sassalos TM, Paulus YM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:701-706

Published Date: 23 April 2019

Role of peripheral pan-retinal photocoagulation in diabetic macular edema treated with intravitreal ziv-aflibercept

Mansour AM, El Jawhari K, Arevalo JF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:695-700

Published Date: 18 April 2019

Recommendations for the management of elevated intraocular pressure due to bleb fibrosis after XEN gel stent implantation

Vera V, Sheybani A, Lindfield D, Stalmans I, Ahmed IIK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:685-694

Published Date: 18 April 2019

Outcomes of treatment with sirolimus for non-infectious uveitis: a meta-analysis and systematic review

Cabahug VLO, Uy HS, Yu-Keh E, Sapno KJD

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:649-669

Published Date: 18 April 2019

Digital image processing software for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy from fundus photograph

Ratanapakorn T, Daengphoonphol A, Eua-Anant N, Yospaiboon Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:641-648

Published Date: 17 April 2019

Optimization of the Oertli CataRhex 3® phacoemulsification machine

Stutz LA, Heczko JB, Bird BA, Thomson RS, Bernhisel AA, Barlow WR, Zaugg B, Olson RJ, Pettey JH

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:633-639

Published Date: 16 April 2019

Hemoglobin level and macular thinning in sickle cell disease

Hussnain SA, Coady PA, Slade MD, Carbonella J, Pashankar F, Adelman RA, Stoessel KM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:627-632

Published Date: 15 April 2019

The effect of increasing power when grooving using phacoemulsification

Thomson RS, Bird BA, Stutz LA, Heczko JB, Bernhisel AA, Barlow WR, Zaugg B, Olson RJ, Pettey JH

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:611-615

Published Date: 12 April 2019

The acute effect of a single dose of green tea on the quality and quantity of tears in normal eye subjects

Masmali AM, Alanazi SA, Alotaibi AG, Fagehi R, Abusharaha A, El-Hiti GA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:605-610

Published Date: 10 April 2019

Effects of short-term oral vitamin A supplementation on the ocular tear film in patients with dry eye

Alanazi SA, El-Hiti GA, Al-Baloud AA, Alfarhan MI, Al-Shahrani A, Albakri AA, Alqahtani S, Masmali AM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:599-604

Published Date: 10 April 2019

A phase 1, open-label, single-arm study evaluating the ocular safety of OTX-101 and systemic absorption of cyclosporine in healthy human volunteers

Karpecki PM, Weiss SL, Kramer WG, O'Connor P, Evans D, Johnston J, Jasper AL, Justice A, Ogundele AB, Devries D

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:591-596

Published Date: 5 April 2019

Longitudinal changes in dry eye symptoms and signs following lifitegrast therapy and relationship to tear osmolarity

Pepose JS, Qazi MA, Devries DK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:571-579

Published Date: 28 March 2019

Quality of life after refractive surgery: ReLEx SMILE vs Femto-LASIK

Klokova OA, Sakhnov SN, Geydenrikh MS, Damashauskas RO

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:561-570

Published Date: 26 March 2019

Outcome of Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty for graft failure after Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty

Agha B, Shajari M, Slavik-Lencova A, Kohnen T, Schmack I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:553-559

Published Date: 25 March 2019

A randomized controlled trial of povidone-iodine/dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension for acute viral conjunctivitis

Pepose JS, Narvekar A, Liu W, Haque R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:535-544

Published Date: 21 March 2019

Outcomes of resident-performed small incision cataract surgery in a university-based practice in the USA

Zafar S, Chen X, Sikder S, Srikumaran D, Woreta FA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:529-534

Published Date: 20 March 2019

Long-term efficacy and safety of infliximab and cyclosporine combination therapy for refractory uveoretinitis in Behçet’s disease

Katsuyama A, Kusuhara S, Nishisho R, Matsumiya W, Azumi A, Nakamura M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:521-527

Published Date: 20 March 2019

Long-term outcome of full tendon vertical rectus transposition with Foster suture in unilateral complete sixth cranial nerve palsy

Honglertnapakul W, Sawanwattanakul S, Pukrushpan P, Praneeprachachon P, Jariyakosol S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:515-519

Published Date: 18 March 2019

Comparison of head-mounted perimeter (imo®) and Humphrey Field Analyzer

Kimura T, Matsumoto C, Nomoto H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:501-513

Published Date: 14 March 2019

A randomized multicenter study comparing seawater washes and carmellose artificial tears eyedrops in the treatment of dry eye syndrome

Diaz-Llopis M, Pinazo-Duran MD, Diaz-Guiñon L, Rahhal-Ortuño M, Perez-Ramos M, Bosch R, Gallego-Pinazo R, Dolz-Marco R, Diaz-Guiñon T, Diaz M, Romero FJ, Cisneros A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:483-490

Published Date: 12 March 2019

Functional outcome of repeat Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK) for corneal decompensation following graft failure after primary DMEK

Agha B, Shajari M, Slavik-Lencova A, Kohnen T, Schmack I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:477-482

Published Date: 7 March 2019

Chromatic pupilloperimetry for objective diagnosis of Best vitelliform macular dystrophy

Ben Ner D, Sher I, Hamburg A, Mhajna MO, Chibel R, Derazne E, Sharvit-Ginon I, Pras E, Newman H, Levy J, Khateb S, Sharon D, Rotenstreich Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:465-475

Published Date: 5 March 2019

Transepithelial accelerated versus conventional corneal collagen crosslinking in patients with keratoconus: a comparative study

Madeira C, Vasques A, Beato J, Godinho G, Torrão L, Falcão M, Falcão-Reis F, Pinheiro-Costa J

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:445-452

Published Date: 1 March 2019

Refractive errors among Saudi college students and associated risk factors

Alsaif BA, Aljindan MY, Alrammah HM, Almulla MO, Alshahrani SS

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:437-443

Published Date: 27 February 2019

Prevalence of refractive errors in children with retinoblastoma

Villegas VM, Wu SC, Murray TG, Cavuoto KM, Capo H, McKeown CA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:431-435

Published Date: 25 February 2019

Neural network and logistic regression diagnostic prediction models for giant cell arteritis: development and validation

Ing EB, Miller NR, Nguyen A, Su W, Bursztyn LLCD, Poole M, Kansal V, Toren A, Albreiki D, Mouhanna JG, Muladzanov A, Bernier M, Gans M, Lee D, Wendel C, Sheldon C, Shields M, Bellan L, Lee-Wing M, Mohadjer Y, Nijhawan N, Tyndel F, Sundaram ANE, ten Hove MW, Chen JJ, Rodriguez AR, Hu A, Khalidi N, Ing R, Wong SWK, Torun N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:421-430

Published Date: 21 February 2019

Safety of cetirizine ophthalmic solution 0.24% for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis in adult and pediatric subjects

Malhotra RP, Meier E, Torkildsen G, Gomes PJ, Jasek MC

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:403-413

Published Date: 19 February 2019

Effect of intravitreal aflibercept on corneal endothelial cells: a 6-month follow-up study

Muto T, Machida S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:373-381

Published Date: 15 February 2019

Architecture evaluation of the main clear corneal incisions in femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery by optical coherence tomography imaging

Chaves MAPD, de Medeiros AL, Vilar CMC, Magalhães KRP, Gonçalves MR, Tzelikis PFM, Hida WT, Carricondo PC, Alves MR

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:365-372

Published Date: 14 February 2019

Primary vitreoretinal lymphoma: prevalence, impact, and management challenges

Venkatesh R, Bavaharan B, Mahendradas P, Yadav NK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:353-364

Published Date: 14 February 2019

Five-year outcomes of intravitreal drug therapy for neovascular age-related macular degeneration in eyes with baseline vision 20/60 or better

Khanani AM, Gahn GM, Koci MM, Dang JM, Brown SM, Hill LF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:347-351

Published Date: 13 February 2019

Delivering mobile eye care to underserved communities while providing training in ophthalmology to medical students: experience of the Guerrilla Eye Service

Williams AM, Botsford B, Mortensen P, Park D, Waxman EL

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:337-346

Published Date: 12 February 2019

Recurrent corneal erosion: a comprehensive review

Miller DD, Hasan SA, Simmons NL, Stewart MW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:325-335

Published Date: 11 February 2019

Consensus on the management of astigmatism in cataract surgery

Núñez MX, Henriquez MA, Escaf LJ, Ventura BV, Srur M, Newball L, Espaillat A, Centurion VA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:311-324

Published Date: 11 February 2019

Seven- and eight-year trends in resident and fellow glaucoma surgical experience

Chadha N, Warren JL, Liu J, Tsai JC, Teng CC

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:303-309

Published Date: 8 February 2019

Macular vascular density at the superficial capillary plexus using the optical coherence tomography angiography

Hashmani N, Hashmani S, Murad A, Baig N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:295-302

Published Date: 8 February 2019

Wide-angled endoillumination vs traditional scleral buckling surgery for retinal detachment – a comparative study

Cohen E, Rosenblatt A, Bornstein S, Loewenstein A, Barak A, Schwartz S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:287-293

Published Date: 8 February 2019

Digital ophthalmology in Scotland: benefits to patient care and education

Annoh R, Patel S, Beck D, Ellis H, Dhillon B, Sanders R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:277-286

Published Date: 8 February 2019

A phase 2 randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled study of novel nonsystemic kinase inhibitor TOP1630 for the treatment of dry eye disease

Taylor M, Ousler G, Torkildsen G, Walshe C, Fyfe MCT, Rowley A, Webber S, Sheppard JD, Duggal A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:261-275

Published Date: 12 February 2019

Lens anatomy parameters with intraoperative spectral-domain optical coherence tomography in cataractous eyes

Haddad JS, Rocha KM, Yeh K, Waring GO IV

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:253-260

Published Date: 4 February 2019

Endoscopic vitrectomy in endophthalmitis: initial experience of 33 cases at a tertiary eye care center

Dave VP, Pappuru RR, Tyagi M, Pathengay A, Das T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:243-251

Published Date: 5 February 2019

Dry eye disease ranking among common reasons for seeking eye care in a large US claims database

Bradley JL, Özer Stillman I, Pivneva I, Guerin A, Evans AM, Dana R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:225-232

Published Date: 1 February 2019

Patient-reported severity of dry eye and quality of life in diabetes

Yazdani-Ibn-Taz MK, Han MM, Jonuscheit S, Collier A, Nally JE, Hagan S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:217-224

Published Date: 25 January 2019

A Phase II/III, randomized, double-masked, vehicle-controlled, dose-ranging study of the safety and efficacy of OTX-101 in the treatment of dry eye disease [Corrigendum]

Tauber J, Schechter BA, Bacharach J, Toyos MM, Smyth-Medina R, Weiss SL, Luchs JI

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:215-216

Published Date: 24 January 2019

Effect of systemic antihypertensives on change in intraocular pressure after initiating topical prostaglandins for primary open-angle glaucoma

Siddiqui M, Iltis J, Yanev P, Sladic J, Huynh C, Nolan D, Singer M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:207-213

Published Date: 23 January 2019

Incidence and prevalence of vitreomacular traction with and without macular hole in Germany

Menzler J, Neubauer AS, Haritoglou C, Jackson TL

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:177-188

Published Date: 15 January 2019

360° ab-interno trabeculotomy in refractory primary open-angle glaucoma

Sarkisian SR, Mathews B, Ding K, Patel A, Nicek Z

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:161-168

Published Date: 11 January 2019

Local anesthesia and anxiolytic techniques for oculoplastic surgery

Ing EB, Philteos J, Sholohov G, Ta Kim D, Nijhawan N, Mark PW, Gilbert J

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:153-160

Published Date: 10 January 2019

Corneal incision architecture: VICTUS femtosecond laser vs manual keratome

Rodrigues R, Santos MSD, Silver RE, Campos M, Gomes RLR

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:147-152

Published Date: 10 January 2019

Lamellar macular hole surgery – current concepts, future prospects

Haritoglou C, Tadayoni R, Hubschman JP

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:143-146

Published Date: 8 January 2019

Long-term safety of posterior chamber implantable phakic contact lens for the correction of myopia

Sachdev G, Ramamurthy D

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:137-142

Published Date: 7 January 2019

Assessment of tear-evaporation rate in thyroid-gland patients

Abusharaha A, Alturki AA, Alanazi SA, Fagehi R, Al-Johani N, El-Hiti GA, Masmali AM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:131-135

Published Date: 7 January 2019

Comparison of two devices to simulate vision with intraocular lenses

Wahl S, Song C, Ohlendorf A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:123-130

Published Date: 4 January 2019

Enhancement-procedure outcomes in patients implanted with the Precisight multicomponent intraocular lens

Uy HS, Tesone-Coelho C, Ginis H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:107-114

Published Date: 7 January 2019

Periocular injection of candesartan-PLGA microparticles inhibits laser-induced experimental choroidal neovascularization

Okuda Y, Fukumoto M, Horie T, Oku H, Takai S, Nakanishi T, Matsuzaki K, Tsujimoto H, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:87-93

Published Date: 31 December 2018

Safety and efficacy of twice daily administration of KPI-121 1% for ocular inflammation and pain following cataract surgery

Kim T, Sall K, Holland EJ, Brazzell RK, Coultas S, Gupta PK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:69-86

Published Date: 27 December 2018

A paradigm shift in eye banking: how new models are challenging the status quo

Moshirfar M, Goldberg JL, Brown TW, Wagner WD, Ronquillo YC

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:63-67

Published Date: 27 December 2018

Risk factors for ocular surface damage in Mexican patients with dry eye disease: a population-based study

Rodriguez-Garcia A, Loya-Garcia D, Hernandez-Quintela E, Navas A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:53-62

Published Date: 21 December 2018

Prospective randomized comparative study between venturi and peristaltic pumps in WhiteStar Signature® phacoemulsification machine

Hida WT, de Medeiros AL, de Araujo Rolim AG, Motta AFP, Kniggendorf DV, de Queiroz RLF, Chaves MAPD, Carricondo PC, Nakano CT, Nosé W

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:49-52

Published Date: 27 December 2018

Clinical evaluation of a newly developed graft inserter (NS Endo-Inserter) for Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty

Soma T, Koh S, Oie Y, Maruyama K, Tsujikawa M, Kawasaki S, Maeda N, Nishida K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:43-48

Published Date: 21 December 2018

Development of a new algorithm based on FDT Matrix perimetry and SD-OCT to improve early glaucoma detection in primary care

Morejon A, Mayo-Iscar A, Martin R, Ussa F

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:33-42

Published Date: 27 December 2018

Glue and glide: a novel technique for pterygium conjunctival autograft

Tappin MJ, Sánchez-Tabernero S, Sabatino F

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:25-26

Published Date: 18 December 2018

Investigation of intraocular pressure fluctuation as a risk factor of glaucoma progression

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Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:9-16

Published Date: 18 December 2018

Postoperative outcome of three different procedures for childhood glaucoma

Huang H, Bao WJ, Yamamoto T, Kawase K, Sawada A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1-7

Published Date: 17 December 2018