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Clinical Ophthalmology

ISSN: 1177-5483

Archive: Volume 1, 2007

Recognition of transorbital intracranial injury ||FREE PAPER||

Roger E Turbin, Flora Levin, Dawn N Maxwell

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:85-89

Published Date: 15 June 2007

Evaluation of adherence to morning versus evening glaucoma medication dosing regimens

Malik Y Kahook, Robert J Noecker

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:79-83

Published Date: 15 June 2007

Effect of proinflammatory cytokines on the human MUC5AC promoter activity in vitro and in vivo

I-Jong Wang, Chun-Yin Wu, Fung-Rong Hu

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:71-77

Published Date: 15 June 2007

Indications and clinical outcome of capsular tension ring (CTR) implantation: A review of 9528 cataract surgeries

Claudia Tribus, Claudia S Alge, Christos Haritoglou, Carlo Lackerbauer, Anselm Kampik, Arthur Mueller, Siegfried G Priglinger

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:65-69

Published Date: 15 June 2007

Aqueous humor and serum penetration of tacrolimus after topical and oral administration in rats: an absorption study

F Nilüfer Yalçindag, Figen Batioglu, Nuray Ari, Özden Özdemir

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:61-64

Published Date: 15 June 2007

Apical localization of glutamate in GLAST-1, glutamine synthetase positive ciliary body nonpigmented epithelial cells ||FREE PAPER||

Marlyn P Langford, Jeffrey M Gosslee, Chanping Liang, Dequan Chen, Thomas B. Redens, Tomas C Welbourne

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:43-53

Published Date: 15 June 2007

Possible influences of lutein and zeaxanthin on the developing retina

J Paul Zimmer, Billy R Hammond, Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:25-35

Published Date: 15 June 2007

Travoprost in the management of open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension

Philippe Denis, David Covert, Anthony Realini

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:11-24

Published Date: 15 June 2007