How to obtain permissions


All articles have a "Get Permission"  icon on them which takes you directly through to a permission request page where you can enter the details of your enquiry, following the prompts and drop-down lists. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Permissions Team direct by email at [email protected]

Commercial Reprints and use of whole articles

DOVE Medical Press is committed to providing highly relevant scientific articles to support your promotional activities. We can arrange printing, translation and delivery of your reprint requirements.

For further information, or if you would like a reprint price for a specific article(s) please contact:

Europe and other countries not specific below:
Jan Goodwin
Phone: +44 1625 509130
Email: jan @

USA Information:
Phone: +1 609 514 5156
Email: reprints @


Commercial use of papers published under the Open Access model (CC-BY-NC)

Under the terms of the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial license (CC-BY-NC) any re-use of published articles or papers from any Dove Medical Press (DMP) journal for commercial advantage or private monetary gain of the user and/or their employing institution is prohibited. 

Commercial use: No articles published under a CC-BY-NC license from the Dove Medical Press website may be reproduced, in any media or format, or linked to for any commercial purpose (eg. product support, etc) without the prior written consent of Dove Medical Press and payment to Dove Medical Press of an appropriate fee. For further information on commercial use of published papers please see sections 4 and 5 here.

Papers published under the Open Access model (CC-BY)

Creative Commons (CC-BY) license has been developed to facilitate open access to, and free use of, original works of all types for personal, research and educational use. You may share, copy or redistribute the material in any medium or format. You may adapt, transform and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercial, providing that appropriate credit, indicating if changes were made. You should do so in a reasonable manner, but not in any way that the licensor endorses you and your use.


Updated 22 April 2024