How to use to obtain permissions


We are now using to manage permission requests on articles published in our journals.

All articles have a "Get Permission"  icon on them which takes you directly through to

If you do not have an Annual License with (and/or the title is not covered by the Annual License), you can purchase permissions by clicking on the Pay-Per-Use Options tab. You can then select the type of permission you need and click the "Price & Order" button next to the permission type you selected. This gives you a “quick price” which you can see immediately.  You then have the option to purchase from that point or go back to change your permission criteria.

If you have any queries throughout the process you can either use the Live Help, where you can use messenger to ask their operators a question, or go to their tutorial. have an informative website which you are welcome to browse.


Commercial Reprints and use of whole articles

DOVE Medical Press is committed to providing highly relevant scientific articles to support your promotional activities. We can arrange printing, translation and delivery of your reprint requirements.

For further information, or if you would like a reprint price for a specific article(s) please contact:

Europe and other countries not specific below:
Jan Goodwin
Phone: +44 1625 509130
Email: jan @

USA Information:
Phone: +1 609 514 5156
Email: reprints @


Commercial use of papers published under the Open Access model

Under the terms of the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial license (CC-BY-NC) any re-use of published articles or papers from any Dove Medical Press (DMP) journal for commercial advantage or private monetary gain of the user and/or their employing institution is prohibited. In particular, the following examples are prohibited:

  • Re-use by an author/third party/other publisher of parts of or all of an article or articles in another publication (journal or book in any media) to be sold for commercial purposes without DMP's permission. Permission to reproduce selected figures would generally be granted at DMP's discretion, although DMP reserves the right to levy a fee for the use of these and/or the full text of an article/articles;

  • The proactive supply of multiple print or electronic copies of items taken from a Dove journal to third parties on a systematic basis for marketing purposes. Permission for this kind of reuse should be obtained from the publisher, who retains the right to levy an appropriate fee;

  • Re-use by an author of parts of or all of an article in other publications from commercial organizations. Permission for this kind of reuse should be obtained from DMP.

For permission to make any commercial use of material from the Open Access version of any Dove Medical Press journal (i.e. the online version), please contact the Publisher, Dove Medical Press Ltd providing a full reference of the material you want to use and a brief description of the intended use.

Updated 23 July 2014