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Clinical Ophthalmology

ISSN: 1177-5483

Archive: Volume 8, 2014

Optic disc topography in Malay patients with normal-tension glaucoma and primary open-angle glaucoma

Adlina AR, Alisa-Victoria K, Shatriah I, Liza-Sharmini AT, Ahmad MS

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2533-2539

Published Date: 12 December 2014

Retrospective study of recession of four horizontal rectus muscle in periodic alternating nystagmus

Mimura O, Ishikawa H, Kimura N, Kimura A, Borlongan CV

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2523-2528

Published Date: 11 December 2014

Photoreceptor inner segment ellipsoid band integrity on spectral domain optical coherence tomography

Saxena S, Srivastav K, Cheung CM, Ng JY, Lai TY

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2507-2522

Published Date: 9 December 2014

Endoilluminator phototoxic maculopathy associated with combined ICG-assisted epiretinal membrane and internal limiting membrane peeling

Yonekawa Y, Abbey AM, Shah AR, Thomas BJ, Capone Jr A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2501-2506

Published Date: 9 December 2014

Dacryocystorhinostomy ostium: parameters to evaluate and DCR ostium scoring

Ali MJ, Psaltis AJ, Wormald PJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2491-2499

Published Date: 9 December 2014

First experience with the new high-frequency femtosecond laser system (LDV Z8) for cataract surgery

Pajic B, Vastardis I, Gatzioufas Z, Pajic-Eggspuehler B

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2485-2489

Published Date: 8 December 2014

Nasolacrimal duct obstruction following radioactive iodine 131 therapy in differentiated thyroid cancers: review of 19 cases

Al-Qahtani KH, Al Asiri M, Tunio MA, Aljohani NJ, Bayoumi Y, Munir I, AlAyoubi A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2479-2484

Published Date: 5 December 2014

Prognostic phenotypic and genotypic factors associated with photodynamic therapy response in patients with age-related macular degeneration

Tsuchihashi T, Mori K, Horie-Inoue K, Okazaki Y, Awata T, Inoue S, Yoneya S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2471-2478

Published Date: 5 December 2014

Inner retinal damage after exposure to green diode laser during a laser show

Jeon S, Lee WK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2467-2470

Published Date: 4 December 2014

Clinical course of focal choroidal excavation in Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada disease

Nishikawa Y, Fujinami K, Watanabe K, Noda T, Tsunoda K, Akiyama K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2461-2465

Published Date: 4 December 2014

Current clinical practice: differential management of uveal melanoma in the era of molecular tumor analyses

Aaberg Jr TM, Cook RW, Oelschlager K, Maetzold D, Rao PK, Mason III JO

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2449-2460

Published Date: 3 December 2014

Comparison study of OCT, HRT and VF findings among normal controls and patients with pseudoexfoliation, with or without increased IOP

Riga F, Georgalas I, Tsikripis P, Papaconstantinou D

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2441-2447

Published Date: 1 December 2014

Ocular surface squamous neoplasia in HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients and response to 5-fluorouracil in Angola

Nutt RJ, Clements JL, Dean WH

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2435-2440

Published Date: 1 December 2014

Evaluation of actual retinal images produced by misaligned aspheric intraocular lenses in a model eye

Fujikado T, Saika M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2415-2423

Published Date: 28 November 2014

Utility of Heidelberg retinal tomography as a screening tool for analyzing retinal nerve fiber layer defects

Belyea DA, Alhabshan RN, Mahesh SP, Gertner GS, Ibisevic MM, Habib AS, Dan JA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2409-2414

Published Date: 28 November 2014

Isolated posterior capsular rupture following blunt head trauma

Mansour AM, Jaroudi MO, Hamam RN, Maalouf FC

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2403-2407

Published Date: 28 November 2014

UR Well Eye Care: a model for medical student ophthalmology education and service in the community

MacLean K, Hindman HB

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2397-2401

Published Date: 27 November 2014

Accuracy of corneal trephination depth using the Moria single-use adjustable depth vacuum trephine system

Fenzl CR, Gess AJ, Moshirfar M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2391-2396

Published Date: 27 November 2014

Characteristics of uveitic glaucoma and evaluation of its surgical treatment

Shimizu A, Maruyama K, Yokoyama Y, Tsuda S, Ryu M, Nakazawa T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2383-2389

Published Date: 26 November 2014

Comparison of prophylactic higher fluence corneal cross-linking to control, in myopic LASIK, one year results

Kanellopoulos AJ, Asimellis G, Karabatsas C

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2373-2381

Published Date: 27 November 2014

Effects of Systane® Balance on noninvasive tear film break-up time in patients with lipid-deficient dry eye

Aguilar AJ, Marquez MI, Albera P, Tredicce JL, Berra A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2365-2372

Published Date: 25 November 2014

Antiphospholipid syndrome in lupus retinopathy

Hong-Kee N, Mei-Fong C, Azhany Y, Zunaina E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2359-2363

Published Date: 24 November 2014

What we know about ocular manifestations of Ebola

Moshirfar M, Fenzl CR, Li Z

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2355-2357

Published Date: 21 November 2014

Accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking should be modified

Kymionis GD, Tsoulnaras KI

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2333-2335

Published Date: 21 November 2014

Retrobulbar blood flow changes in eyes with diabetic retinopathy a 10 year follow up study

Neudorfer M, Kessner R, Goldenberg D, Lavie A, Kessler A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2325-2332

Published Date: 21 November 2014

Diagnostic challenges in primary orbital fibrosarcoma: a case report

Scruggs BA, Ho ST, Valenzuela AA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2319-2323

Published Date: 20 November 2014

Comparison of the effects of 23-gauge and 25-gauge microincision vitrectomy blade designs on incision architecture

Inoue M, Abulon DJ, Hirakata A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2307-2318

Published Date: 19 November 2014

Efficacy and visual prognostic factors of intravitreal bevacizumab as needed for macular edema secondary to central retinal vein occlusion

Hirose M, Matsumiya W, Honda S, Nakamura M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2301-2305

Published Date: 19 November 2014

Refractive surgery training during residency – do not be afraid of the dark

Balparda K, Díaz AM, Londoño AM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2297-2300

Published Date: 19 November 2014

Clinical performance of a new aspheric dual-optic accommodating intraocular lens

Marques EF, Castanheira-Dinis A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2289-2295

Published Date: 19 November 2014

OCT corneal epithelial topographic asymmetry as a sensitive diagnostic tool for early and advancing keratoconus

Kanellopoulos AJ, Asimellis G

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2277-2287

Published Date: 18 November 2014

Comparison of clinical outcomes in PRK with a standard and aspherical optimized profile: a full case analysis of 100 eyes with 1-year follow-up

Dausch D, Dausch B, Wottke M, Sluyterman van Langeweyde G

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2251-2260

Published Date: 24 November 2014

Stereo tests as a screening tool for strabismus: which is the best choice?

Ancona C, Stoppani M, Odazio V, La Spina C, Corradetti G, Bandello F

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2221-2227

Published Date: 12 November 2014

Comparison of keratometric and pachymetric parameters with Scheimpflug imaging in normal and keratoconic Asian eyes

Lim HB, Tan GS, Lim L, Htoon HM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2215-2220

Published Date: 12 November 2014

The normal choroidal thickness in southern Thailand

Jirarattanasopa P, Panon N, Hiranyachattada S, Bhurayanontachai P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2209-2213

Published Date: 11 November 2014

A comparison between amblyopic and fellow eyes in unilateral amblyopia using spectral-domain optical coherence tomography

Araki S, Miki A, Yamashita T, Goto K, Haruishi K, Ieki Y, Kiryu J

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2199-2207

Published Date: 7 November 2014

Twenty-four-hour intraocular pressure patterns in a symptomatic patient after ab interno trabeculotomy surgery

Mansouri K, Medeiros FA, Weinreb RN

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2195-2197

Published Date: 7 November 2014

The diurnal and nocturnal effects of travoprost in normal-tension glaucoma

Seibold LK, Kahook MY

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2189-2193

Published Date: 31 October 2014

Endophthalmitis following pars plana vitrectomy: a literature review of incidence, causative organisms, and treatment outcomes

Dave VP, Pathengay A, Schwartz SG, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2183-2188

Published Date: 31 October 2014

Influence of the prediction error of the first eye undergoing cataract surgery on the refractive outcome of the fellow eye

Gorodezky L, Mazinani BA, Plange N, Walter P, Wenzel M, Roessler G

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2177-2181

Published Date: 31 October 2014

Optic neuropathy associated with the use of over-the-counter sexual enhancement supplements

Karli SZ, Liao SD, Carey AR, Lam BL, Wester ST

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2171-2175

Published Date: 29 October 2014

Surgical therapies for corneal perforations: 10 years of cases in a tertiary referral hospital

Yokogawa H, Kobayashi A, Yamazaki N, Masaki T, Sugiyama K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2165-2170

Published Date: 29 October 2014

A simple rescue maneuver for unfolding and centering a tightly rolled graft in Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty

Droutsas K, Bertelmann T, Schroeder FM, Papaconstantinou D, Sekundo W

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2161-2163

Published Date: 24 October 2014

A retrospective study of the association between Fuchs’ endothelial dystrophy and glaucoma

Rice GD, Wright K, Silverstein SM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2155-2159

Published Date: 21 October 2014

Bilateral endogenous Candida albicans subretinal abscess with suspected mixed bacterial infection

Arai Y, Sato Y, Yoshida A, Kawashima H, Kaburaki T, Gomi H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2151-2154

Published Date: 21 October 2014

Topography of retinal recovery processes in humans

Mazinani BE, Merx E, Plange N, Walter P, Roessler GF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2133-2139

Published Date: 20 October 2014

Findings of secondary corneal amyloidosis with ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography

Araki-Sasaki K, Osakabe Y, Fukuoka H, Ideta R, Hirano K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2115-2119

Published Date: 14 October 2014

Optical bench performance of AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR®, AT LISA® tri, and FineVision® intraocular lenses

Carson D, Hill WE, Hong X, Karakelle M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2105-2113

Published Date: 14 October 2014

Systematic review of the association between Alzheimer’s disease and chronic glaucoma

Tsilis AG, Tsilidis KK, Pelidou SH, Kitsos G

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2095-2104

Published Date: 13 October 2014

Lipid-containing osmoprotective eye drops in contact lens wearers

Aslan Bayhan S, Bayhan HA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2091-2093

Published Date: 10 October 2014

Factors influencing self-sealing of sclerotomy performed under gas tamponade in 23-gauge transconjunctival sutureless vitrectomy

Takashina H, Watanabe A, Mitooka K, Tsuneoka H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2085-2089

Published Date: 10 October 2014

Treatment of corneal cystine crystal accumulation in patients with cystinosis

Shams F, Livingstone I, Oladiwura D, Ramaesh K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2077-2084

Published Date: 10 October 2014

Toxic anterior-segment syndrome (TASS)

Cetinkaya S, Dadaci Z, Aksoy H, Acir NO, Yener HI, Kadioglu E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2065-2069

Published Date: 9 October 2014

Lacrimal gland carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma with chronic lymphocytic leukemia infiltration

Couceiro R, Loureiro C, Luís P, López-Presa D, Proença H, Fonseca A, Monteiro-Grillo M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2061-2064

Published Date: 7 October 2014

Direct photocoagulation to leakage points to treat chronic macular edema associated with branch retinal vein occlusion: a pilot study

Sakimoto S, Kamei M, Sakaguchi H, Suzuki M, Matsumura N, Nishida K, Nishida K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2055-2060

Published Date: 7 October 2014

European survey on the opinion and use of micronutrition in age-related macular degeneration: 10 years on from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study

Aslam T, Delcourt C, Holz F, García-Layana A, Leys A, Silva RM, Souied E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2045-2053

Published Date: 10 October 2014

Patient satisfaction with a novel one-step hydrogen peroxide solution

Schafer J, Steffen R, Rah MJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2035-2040

Published Date: 6 October 2014

Lowering the limit: reducing the CD4 T-cell threshold for ophthalmic screening in patients with HIV in an ethnically diverse UK population

Morjaria R, Sood V, Manavi K, Denniston AK, Palmer H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2029-2034

Published Date: 3 October 2014

Evaluation of the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of an eyelid warming device for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction

Benitez del Castillo JM, Kaercher T, Mansour K, Wylegala E, Dua H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2019-2027

Published Date: 6 October 2014

Survey of Japanese ophthalmic surgeons regarding perioperative disinfection and antibiotic prophylaxis in cataract surgery

Matsuura K, Mori T, Miyamoto T, Suto C, Saeki Y, Tanaka S, Kawamura H, Ohkubo S, Tanito M, Inoue Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2013-2018

Published Date: 29 September 2014

Fundus autofluorescence features in the inflammatory maculopathies

Lee CS, Lee AY, Forooghian F, Bergstrom CS, Yan J, Yeh S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:2001-2012

Published Date: 29 September 2014

Challenges for the cataract surgeon treating people with dementia: a qualitative study exploring anesthetic choices

Jefferis JM, Clarke MP, Taylor JP, Brittain KR

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1993-1999

Published Date: 26 September 2014

Latanoprost in the treatment of glaucoma

Alm A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1967-1985

Published Date: 26 September 2014

Cataract formation following vitreoretinal procedures

Feng H, Adelman RA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1957-1965

Published Date: 23 September 2014

Effect of low-addition soft contact lenses with decentered optical design on myopia progression in children: a pilot study

Fujikado T, Ninomiya S, Kobayashi T, Suzaki A, Nakada M, Nishida K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1947-1956

Published Date: 23 September 2014

iStent trabecular micro-bypass stent for open-angle glaucoma

Le K, Saheb H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1937-1945

Published Date: 23 September 2014

Homonymous hemianopia: challenges and solutions

Goodwin D

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1919-1927

Published Date: 22 September 2014

Projected changes in age-related macular degeneration and driving license holders in Finland

Viitanen O, Arjamaa O

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1913-1917

Published Date: 22 September 2014

Pharmacotherapy for uveitis: current management and emerging therapy

Barry RJ, Nguyen QD, Lee RW, Murray PI, Denniston AK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1891-1911

Published Date: 22 September 2014

Femtosecond laser versus mechanical microkeratome-assisted flap creation for LASIK: a prospective, randomized, paired-eye study

Pajic B, Vastardis I, Pajic-Eggspuehler B, Gatzioufas Z, Hafezi F

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1883-1889

Published Date: 22 September 2014

Retrospective study of threshold time for the conventional treatment of branch retinal artery occlusion

Muramatsu D, Minezaki T, Tsubota K, Wakabayashi Y, Goto H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1877-1881

Published Date: 22 September 2014

Differentiation between chalazion and sebaceous carcinoma by noninvasive meibography

Nemoto Y, Arita R, Mizota A, Sasajima Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1869-1875

Published Date: 18 September 2014

Surgical treatment for medically refractory myasthenic blepharoptosis

Shimizu Y, Suzuki S, Nagasao T, Ogata H, Yazawa M, Suzuki N, Kishi K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1859-1867

Published Date: 19 September 2014

Blunt scissors stromal dissection technique for deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

Anwar DS, Kruger MM, Mootha VV

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1849-1854

Published Date: 15 September 2014

Favorable anatomic and visual outcomes with 25-gauge vitrectomy for myopic foveoschisis

Mii M, Matsuoka M, Matsuyama K, Otsu Y, Nishimura T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1837-1844

Published Date: 12 September 2014

Unexpected and permanent central visual loss after removal of intraocular silicone oil

Toso A, Cappello E, Morselli S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1831-1836

Published Date: 11 September 2014

Endothelial keratoplasty with infant donor tissue

Kobayashi A, Yokogawa H, Yamazaki N, Masaki T, Sugiyama K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1827-1830

Published Date: 11 September 2014

Plasma homocysteine and genetic variants of homocysteine metabolism enzymes in patients from central Greece with primary open-angle glaucoma and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma

Zacharaki F, Hadjigeorgiou GM, Koliakos GG, Morrison MA, Tsezou A, Chatzoulis DZ, Almpanidou P, Topouridou K, Karabatsas CH, Pefkianaki M, DeAngelis MM, Tsironi EE

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1819-1825

Published Date: 11 September 2014

A new classification of glaucomas

Bordeianu CD

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1801-1817

Published Date: 11 September 2014

Acute sterile endophthalmitis following intravitreal bevacizumab: case series

Orozco-Hernández A, Ortega-Larrocea X, Sánchez-Bermúdez G, García-Aguirre G, Morales Canton V, Velez-Montoya R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1793-1799

Published Date: 9 September 2014

Predictors of success in selective laser trabeculoplasty for primary open angle glaucoma in Chinese

Lee JW, Liu CC, Chan JC, Wong RL, Wong IY, Lai JS

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1787-1791

Published Date: 9 September 2014

Acute-onset postoperative endophthalmitis caused by multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae

Sanghi S, Pathengay A, Jindal A, Raval V, Nayak S, Sharma S, Bawdekar A, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1783-1785

Published Date: 16 September 2014

Effect of 3 years of treatment with a dorzolamide/timolol (1%/0.5%) combination on intraocular pressure

Takeda S, Mimura T, Matsubara M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1773-1782

Published Date: 9 September 2014

How useful is visual field testing in an African glaucoma clinic?

Lenake M, Cook C, Mustak H, Du Toit N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1767-1771

Published Date: 9 September 2014

Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy: clinical characteristics of surgical and nonsurgical patients

Goldberg RA, Raza S, Walford E, Feuer WJ, Goldberg JL

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1761-1766

Published Date: 9 September 2014

The clinical characteristics of fungal keratitis in eyes after Descemet’s stripping and automated endothelial keratoplasty

Araki-Sasaki K, Fukumoto A, Osakabe Y, Kimura H, Kuroda S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1757-1760

Published Date: 9 September 2014

Intracameral phenylephrine and ketorolac injection (OMS302) for maintenance of intraoperative pupil diameter and reduction of postoperative pain in intraocular lens replacement with phacoemulsification

Lindstrom RL, Loden JC, Walters TR, Dunn SH, Whitaker JS, Kim T, Demopulos GA, Tjia K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1735-1744

Published Date: 5 September 2014

Foveal hemorrhage in an eye with foveal hypoplasia associated with albinism

Masuda N, Hasegawa T, Yamashita M, Ogata N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1731-1734

Published Date: 5 September 2014

Ultrasound biomicroscopy as a diagnostic tool in infants with primary congenital glaucoma

Hussein TR, Shalaby SM, Elbakary MA, Elseht RM, Gad RE

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1725-1730

Published Date: 5 September 2014

The ocular distribution of 14C-labeled bromfenac ophthalmic solution 0.07% in a rabbit model

Baklayan GA, Muñoz M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1717-1724

Published Date: 4 September 2014

Intravitreal injection of ranibizumab using a pro re nata regimen for age-related macular degeneration and vision-related quality of life

Inoue M, Arakawa A, Yamane S, Kadonosono K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1711-1716

Published Date: 4 September 2014

Prefilled syringes and usability of ophthalmic viscosurgical devices

Shiba T, Tsuneoka H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1697-1702

Published Date: 4 September 2014

Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography findings in polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy suggest a type 1 neovascular growth pattern

Alshahrani ST, Al Shamsi HN, Kahtani ES, Ghazi NG

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1689-1695

Published Date: 1 September 2014

The efficacy and safety of add-on 0.1% brimonidine tartrate preserved with sodium chlorite in on-treatment Japanese normal-tension glaucoma patients

Tsumura T, Yoshikawa K, Kimura T, Suzumura H, Kawashima M, Nanno M, Ishijima K, Takeda R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1681-1687

Published Date: 1 September 2014

Choroideremia associated with choroidal neovascularization treated with intravitreal bevacizumab

Palejwala NV, Lauer AK, Weleber RG

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1675-1679

Published Date: 1 September 2014

Chemical injury treated with autologous limbal epithelial stem cell transplantation and subconjunctival bevacizumab

Cavallini GM, Pellegrini G, Volante V, Ducange P, De Maria M, Torlai G, Benatti C, Forlini M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1671-1673

Published Date: 30 August 2014

Epimacular brachytherapy for wet AMD: current perspectives

Casaroli-Marano RP, Alforja S, Giralt J, Farah ME

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1661-1670

Published Date: 30 August 2014

Clinical characteristics of patients with conjunctivochalasis

Balci O

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1655-1660

Published Date: 28 August 2014

Endophthalmitis following pars plana vitrectomy for vitreous floaters

Henry CR, Schwartz SG, Flynn Jr HW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1649-1653

Published Date: 28 August 2014

Perioperative and postoperative risk factors for corneal graft failure

Yu AL, Kaiser M, Schaumberger M, Messmer E, Kook D, Welge-Lussen U

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1641-1647

Published Date: 28 August 2014

Unusually delayed presentation of persistent Descemet’s membrane tear and detachment after cataract surgery

Morkin MI, Hussain RM, Young RC, Ravin T, Dubovy SR, Alfonso EC

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1629-1632

Published Date: 28 August 2014

Clinical utilization of anti-vascular endothelial growth-factor agents and patient monitoring in retinal vein occlusion and diabetic macular edema

Kiss S, Liu Y, Brown J, Holekamp NM, Almony A, Campbell J, Kowalski JW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1611-1621

Published Date: 26 August 2014

Lacrimal fossa lesions: a review of 146 cases in Egypt

Eldesouky MA, Elbakary MA, Sabik S, Shareef MM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1603-1609

Published Date: 26 August 2014

A survey of potential and previous cataract-surgery patients: what the ophthalmologist should know

Henderson BA, Solomon K, Masket S, Potvin R, Holland EJ, Cionni R, Sandoval H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1595-1602

Published Date: 25 August 2014

Retinal breaks due to intravitreal ocriplasmin

Silva RA, Moshfeghi DM, Leng T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1591-1594

Published Date: 25 August 2014

Effect of dorzolamide/timolol combination on the visual field in glaucoma

Takeda S, Mimura T, Matsubara M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1579-1590

Published Date: 25 August 2014

Evaluation of cardiovascular biomarkers in patients with age-related wet macular degeneration

Keles S, Ates O, Kartal B, Alp HH, Ekinci M, Ceylan E, Ondas O, Arpali E, Dogan S, Yildirim K, Keles MS

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1573-1578

Published Date: 25 August 2014

Ultrawide-field fundus photography of the first reported case of gyrate atrophy from Australia

Moloney TP, O’Hagan S, Lee L

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1561-1563

Published Date: 20 August 2014

Fabry disease: a survey of visual and ocular symptoms

Davey PG

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1555-1560

Published Date: 19 August 2014

Evaluation of the relationship between corneal biomechanic and HbA1C levels in type 2 diabetes patients

Yazgan S, Celik U, Kaldirim H, Ayar O, Elbay A, Aykut V, Celik B, Taş M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1549-1553

Published Date: 19 August 2014

Navigated focal laser photocoagulation for central serous chorioretinopathy

Chhablani J, Rani PK, Mathai A, Jalali S, Kozak I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1543-1547

Published Date: 18 August 2014

Treatment of a dislocated lens by transcorneal vitrectomy and bimanual phacoemulsification

Watanabe A, Gekka T, Tsuneoka H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1539-1542

Published Date: 18 August 2014

Temporal posttraumatic limited ocular movement with suspected trapdoor fracture

Song YS, Yokota H, Ito H, Yoshida A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1535-1538

Published Date: 18 August 2014

Safety and efficacy of fixed-combination travoprost/timolol in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension not controlled with timolol monotherapy

Jordão MLS, Hatanaka M, Ogundele A, Moraes Silva MR, Vessani RM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1527-1534

Published Date: 18 August 2014

Stenotrophomonas maltophilia endogenous endophthalmitis: clinical presentation, antibiotic susceptibility, and outcomes

Chhablani J, Sudhalkar A, Jindal A, Das T, Motukupally SR, Sharma S, Pathengay A, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1523-1526

Published Date: 18 August 2014

Intracameral cefuroxime and moxifloxacin used as endophthalmitis prophylaxis after cataract surgery: systematic review of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness

Linertová R, Abreu-González R, García-Pérez L, Alonso-Plasencia M, Cordovés-Dorta LM, Abreu-Reyes JA, Serrano-Aguilar P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1515-1522

Published Date: 14 August 2014

Capsular block syndrome: a case report and literature review

Vélez M, Velásquez LF, Rojas S, Montoya L, Zuluaga K, Balparda K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1507-1513

Published Date: 13 August 2014

Treatment of allergic conjunctivitis with bepotastine besilate ophthalmic solution 1.5%

Bergmann MT, Williams JI, Gomes PJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1495-1505

Published Date: 13 August 2014

Association of retinal vessel attenuation with visual function in eyes with retinitis pigmentosa

Nakagawa S, Oishi A, Ogino K, Makiyama Y, Kurimoto M, Yoshimura N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1487-1493

Published Date: 12 August 2014

Effect of intravitreal bevacizumab on diabetic macular edema with hard exudates

Jeon S, Lee WK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1479-1486

Published Date: 12 August 2014

Pseudoexfoliation material on posterior chamber intraocular lenses

Rocha-Bastos RA, Silva SE, Prézia F, Falcão-Reis F, Melo AB

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1475-1478

Published Date: 11 August 2014

Neuroretinitis in ocular bartonellosis: a case series

Raihan AR, Zunaina E, Wan-Hazabbah WH, Adil H, Lakana-Kumar T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1459-1466

Published Date: 5 August 2014

Evaluation of dacryocystorhinostomy using optical coherence tomography and rebamipide ophthalmic suspension

Fujimoto M, Ogino K, Miyazaki C, Hirose M, Matsuyama H, Moritera T, Yoshimura N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1441-1445

Published Date: 1 August 2014

Artificial tears potpourri: a literature review

Moshirfar M, Pierson K, Hanamaikai K, Santiago-Caban L, Muthappan V, Passi SF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1419-1433

Published Date: 31 July 2014

A case of retinopathy of prematurity treated by pattern scan laser photocoagulation

Ota S, Nozaki M, Hirahara S, Hattori T, Yoshida M, Ogura Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1409-1412

Published Date: 29 July 2014

The impact of different algorithms for ideal body weight on screening for hydroxychloroquine retinopathy in women

Browning DJ, Lee C, Rotberg D

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1401-1407

Published Date: 24 July 2014

Immediate effect of intravitreal injection of bevacizumab on intraocular pressure

Lemos-Reis R, Moreira-Gonçalves N, Melo AB, Carneiro AM, Falcão-Reis FM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1383-1388

Published Date: 23 July 2014

Treatment of vascular activity secondary to atypical choroidal nevus using intravitreal bevacizumab

Cavalcante ML, Villegas VM, Gold AS, Cavalcante LL, Lonngi M, Shah NV, Murray TG

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1377-1382

Published Date: 22 July 2014

Axial length measurement acquisition rates of two optical biometers in cataractous eyes

Epitropoulos A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1369-1376

Published Date: 21 July 2014

Using a slit lamp-mounted digital high-speed camera for dynamic observation of phakic lenses during eye movements: a pilot study

Leitritz MA, Ziemssen F, Bartz-Schmidt KU, Voykov B

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1361-1367

Published Date: 18 July 2014

Learning curve of sutureless transconjunctival 20-gauge vitrectomy

Simanjuntak GWS, Kartasasmita AS, Georgalas I, Gotzaridis EV

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1355-1359

Published Date: 17 July 2014

Grader agreement, and sensitivity and specificity of digital photography in a community optometry-based diabetic eye screening program

Sellahewa L, Simpson C, Maharajan P, Duffy J, Idris I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1345-1349

Published Date: 17 July 2014

Clinical features of diabetic patients referred by general physicians due to less ophthalmic examinations

Otsu Y, Matsuoka M, Matsuyama K, Nishimura T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1331-1335

Published Date: 16 July 2014

Frequency-doubling technology perimetry and multifocal visual evoked potential in glaucoma, suspected glaucoma, and control patients

Kanadani FN, Mello PAA, Dorairaj SK, Kanadani TCM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1323-1330

Published Date: 14 July 2014

Can dynamic contour tonometry and ocular pulse amplitude help to detect severe cardiovascular pathologies?

Bertelmann T, Langanke S, Potstawa M, Strempel I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1317-1321

Published Date: 14 July 2014

The relationship between sex and symmetry in thyroid eye disease

Kavoussi SC, Giacometti JN, Servat JJ, Levin F

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1295-1300

Published Date: 10 July 2014

Treatment of dystrophic calcification on a silicone intraocular lens with pars plana vitrectomy

Mehta N, Goldberg RA, Shah CP

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1291-1293

Published Date: 8 July 2014

A study of the causes of bilateral optic disc swelling in Japanese patients

Iijima K, Shimizu K, Ichibe Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1269-1274

Published Date: 8 July 2014

Ocular alignment and refraction in preterm children at 1 and 6 years old

Al Oum M, Donati S, Cerri L, Agosti M, Azzolini C

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1263-1268

Published Date: 2 July 2014

A 6-year-old girl with ectopic cilia and hypochromic nevus

Fonseca FL, Yamanaka PK, Lima PP, Matayoshi S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1259-1261

Published Date: 2 July 2014

Efficacy and safety of benzalkonium chloride-free fixed-dose combination of latanoprost and timolol in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension

Bhagat P, Sodimalla K, Paul C, Pandav SS, Raman GV, Ramakrishnan R, Joshi A, Raut A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1241-1252

Published Date: 28 June 2014

Assessment of β-zone peripapillary atrophy by optical coherence tomography and scanning laser ophthalmoscopy imaging in glaucoma patients

Seidensticker F, Reznicek L, Mann T, Huebert I, Kampik A, Ulbig M, Hirneiss C, Neubauer AS, Kernt M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1233-1239

Published Date: 27 June 2014

Factors affecting the use of antioxidant supplements in patients with late AMD

Yu AL, Paul T, Schaumberger M, Welge-Lussen U

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1227-1232

Published Date: 26 June 2014

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the prevention of cystoid macular edema after uneventful cataract surgery

Quintana NE, Allocco AR, Ponce JA, Magurno MGB

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1209-1212

Published Date: 25 June 2014

Correlation between optic nerve head structural parameters and glaucomatous visual field indices

Mizumoto K, Gosho M, Zako M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1203-1208

Published Date: 25 June 2014

Ranibizumab for the treatment of degenerative ocular conditions

Triantafylla M, Massa HF, Dardabounis D, Gatzioufas Z, Kozobolis V, Ioannakis K, Perente I, Panos GD

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1187-1198

Published Date: 24 June 2014

Evaluating choroidal thickness in diabetic retinopathy

Chan CY, Papakostas TD, Vavvas DG

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1185-1186

Published Date: 24 June 2014

Effects of treatment with bimatoprost 0.03% for 3 years in patients with normal-tension glaucoma

Inoue K, Shiokawa M, Fujimoto T, Tomita G

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1179-1183

Published Date: 19 June 2014

Use of preservative-free hyaluronic acid (Hylabak®) for a range of patients with dry eye syndrome: experience in Russia

Brzhesky VV, Maychuk YF, Petrayevsky AV, Nagorsky PG

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1169-1177

Published Date: 18 June 2014

New technology update: femtosecond laser in cataract surgery

Nagy ZZ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1157-1167

Published Date: 18 June 2014

A prospective, multicenter, noninterventional study of Optive Plus® in the treatment of patients with dry eye: the prolipid study

Kaercher T, Thelen U, Brief G, Morgan-Warren RJ, Leaback R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1147-1155

Published Date: 17 June 2014

Pediatric glaucoma suspects

Kooner K, Harrison M, Prasla Z, Albdour M, Adams-Huet B

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1139-1145

Published Date: 16 June 2014

Do outside temperature and sunlight duration influence the outcome of laser refractive surgery? Results from the Hamburg Weather Study

Neuhaus-Richard I, Frings A, Görsch IC, Druchkiv V, Katz T, Linke SJ, Richard G

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1129-1137

Published Date: 13 June 2014

The effect of intravitreal bevacizumab on ocular blood flow in diabetic retinopathy and branch retinal vein occlusion as measured by laser speckle flowgraphy

Nitta F, Kunikata H, Aizawa N, Omodaka K, Shiga Y, Yasuda M, Nakazawa T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1119-1127

Published Date: 11 June 2014

An update on the surgical management of pterygium and the role of loteprednol etabonate ointment

Sheppard JD, Mansur A, Comstock TL, Hovanesian JA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1105-1118

Published Date: 13 June 2014

Adjunctive therapy patterns in glaucoma patients using prostaglandin analogs

Schmier JK, Hulme-Lowe CK, Covert DW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1097-1104

Published Date: 10 June 2014

Ineffectiveness of intrastromal voriconazole for filamentous fungal keratitis

Niki M, Eguchi H, Hayashi Y, Miyamoto T, Hotta F, Mitamura Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1075-1079

Published Date: 5 June 2014

Comparison of three methods of tonometry in normal subjects: Goldmann applanation tonometer, non-contact airpuff tonometer, and Tono-Pen XL

Yilmaz I, Altan C, Aygit ED, Alagoz C, Baz O, Ahmet S, Urvasizoglu S, Yasa D, Demirok A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1069-1074

Published Date: 7 June 2014

Diffuse lamellar keratitis in the femtosecond-assisted LASIK flap tunnel

Kymionis GD, Tsoulnaras KI, Tsakalis NG, Grentzelos MA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1065-1067

Published Date: 3 June 2014

Melanocytoma of the ciliary body misdiagnosed as iridodialysis

Kim M, Lee SJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1051-1053

Published Date: 29 May 2014

Spontaneous simultaneous bilateral malignant glaucoma of a patient with no antecedent history of medical or surgical eye diseases

Jarade EF, Dirani A, Jabbour E, Antoun J, Tomey KF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1047-1050

Published Date: 27 May 2014

An observational study of bimatoprost 0.01% in patients on prior intraocular pressure-lowering therapy: the Canadian Lumigan® RC Early Analysis Review (CLEAR) trial

Crichton AC, Nixon DR, Simonyi S, Bhogal M, Sigouin CS, Discepola MJ, Hutnik CML, Baptiste DC, Yan DB

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1031-1038

Published Date: 23 May 2014

Role of argon laser as an adjunctive therapy for treatment of resistant infected corneal ulcers

Khater MM, Selima AA, El-Shorbagy MS

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1025-1030

Published Date: 23 May 2014

Optical coherence tomographic findings at the fixation point in a case of bilateral congenital macular coloboma

Abe K, Shirane J, Sakamoto M, Tanabe F, Kuniyoshi K, Matsumoto C, Shimomura Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1017-1020

Published Date: 21 May 2014

Rebamipide ophthalmic suspension for the treatment of dry eye syndrome: a critical appraisal

Kashima T, Itakura H, Akiyama H, Kishi S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1003-1010

Published Date: 30 May 2014

Retinoblastoma: experience of a referral center in the North Region of Portugal

Rocha-Bastos R, Araújo JR, Silva RS, Gil-da-Costa MJ, Brandão E, Farinha NJ, Falcão-Reis F, Dinah-Bragança T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:993-997

Published Date: 20 May 2014

Macular optical coherence tomography findings following blunt ocular trauma

Oladiwura D, Lim LT, Ah-Kee EY, Scott JA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:989-992

Published Date: 19 May 2014

The effects of ranibizumab injections on fluorescein angiographic findings and visual acuity recovery in age-related macular degeneration

Gungel H, Osmanbasoglu OA, Altan C, Baylancicek DO, Pasaoglu IB

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:981-988

Published Date: 19 May 2014

Probing of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction with dacryoendoscope

Kato K, Matsunaga K, Takashima Y, Kondo M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:977-980

Published Date: 16 May 2014

Advanced Coats’ disease treated with intravitreal bevacizumab combined with laser vascular ablation

Villegas VM, Gold AS, Berrocal AM, Murray TG

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:973-976

Published Date: 16 May 2014

Progression of nuclear sclerosis based on changes in refractive values after lens-sparing vitrectomy in proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Ikeda T, Minami M, Nakamura K, Kida T, Fukumoto M, Sato T, Ishizaki E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:959-963

Published Date: 16 May 2014

Treatment of systemic hypertension is important for improvement of macular edema associated with retinal vein occlusion

Kida T, Morishita S, Kakurai K, Suzuki H, Oku H, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:955-958

Published Date: 16 May 2014

Fornix-based versus limbal-based conjunctival flaps in trabeculectomy with mitomycin C in high-risk patients

Kuroda U, Inoue T, Awai-Kasaoka N, Shobayashi K, Kojima S, Tanihara H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:949-954

Published Date: 15 May 2014

Choroidal neovascularization after intraocular foreign body

Fernández-López E, Desco-Esteban MC, Fandiño-López A, Hernández-Díaz M, Navea A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:945-948

Published Date: 16 May 2014

Long-term visual outcomes after Crystalens® HD intraocular lens implantation

Karavitaki AE, Pallikaris IG, Panagopoulou SI, Kounis GA, Kontadakis G, Kymionis GD

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:937-943

Published Date: 22 May 2014

Visual and optical performance of diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses with different haptic designs: 6 month follow-up

Wang M, Corpuz CCC, Fujiwara M, Tomita M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:919-926

Published Date: 14 May 2014

Delayed macular hole formation after demarcation laser photocoagulation for subclinical retinal detachment

Rusu IM, Zizva J, Myung JS, Wald K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:915-917

Published Date: 13 May 2014

Managing adverse effects of glaucoma medications

Inoue K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:903-913

Published Date: 12 May 2014

Prismatic displacement effect of progressive multifocal glasses on reaction time and accuracy in elderly people

Ellison AC, Campbell AJ, Robertson MC, Sanderson GF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:891-902

Published Date: 9 May 2014

An emerging treatment option for glaucoma: Rho kinase inhibitors

Wang SK, Chang RT

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:883-890

Published Date: 9 May 2014

Prospective unmasked randomized evaluation of the iStent inject® versus two ocular hypotensive agents in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma

Fea AM, Belda JI, Rękas M, Jünemann A, Chang L, Pablo L, Voskanyan L, Katz LJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:875-882

Published Date: 7 May 2014

Blink patterns and lid-contact times in dry-eye and normal subjects

Ousler GW 3rd, Abelson MB, Johnston PR, Rodriguez J, Lane K, Smith LM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:869-874

Published Date: 5 May 2014

Improving patient outcomes following glaucoma surgery: state of the art and future perspectives

Van Bergen T, Van de Velde S, Vandewalle E, Moons L, Stalmans I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:857-867

Published Date: 2 May 2014

Profile of ocriplasmin and its potential in the treatment of vitreomacular adhesion

Stefanini FR, Maia M, Falabella P, Pfister M, Niemeyer M, Kashani AH, Humayun MS, Koss MJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:847-856

Published Date: 6 May 2014

Periocular and anterior orbital necrosis after upper eyelid gold weight loading: operation-related or self-inflicted?

Schwartz R, Ben Cnaan R, Schein O, Giladi M, Raz M, Leibovitch I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:843-846

Published Date: 30 April 2014

Recurrent nontuberculous mycobacterial endophthalmitis: a diagnostic conundrum

Venkateswaran N, Yeaney G, Chung M, Hindman HB

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:837-842

Published Date: 2 May 2014

Benefits of omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplementation on health-related quality of life in patients with meibomian gland dysfunction

Oleñik A, Mahillo-Fernández I, Alejandre-Alba N, Fernández-Sanz G, Alarcón Pérez M, Luxan S, Quintana S, Martínez de Carneros Llorente A, García-Sandoval B, Jiménez-Alfaro I

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:831-836

Published Date: 30 April 2014

The effect of posterior sub-Tenon’s capsule triamcinolone acetonide injection to that of pars plana vitrectomy for diabetic macular edema

Nonomura S, Oshitari T, Arai M, Sato E, Takatsuna Y, Baba T, Yamamoto S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:825-830

Published Date: 30 April 2014

Epithelium-on corneal cross-linking treatment of progressive keratoconus: a prospective, consecutive study

Khairy HA, Marey HM, Ellakwa AF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:819-823

Published Date: 29 April 2014

Cloudy corneas as an initial presentation of multiple myeloma

Sharma P, Madi HA, Bonshek R, Morgan SJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:813-817

Published Date: 28 April 2014

Effect of initial retinal thickness on outcome of intravitreal bevacizumab therapy for diabetic macular edema

Mushtaq B, Crosby NJ, Dimopoulos AT, Lip PL, Stavrou P, El-Sherbiny S, Yang Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:807-812

Published Date: 28 April 2014

Upregulation of inflammatory genes in the nasal mucosa of patients undergoing endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy

Penttilä E, Hyttinen JMT, Hytti M, Kauppinen A, Smirnov G, Tuomilehto H, Seppä J, Nuutinen J, Kaarniranta K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:799-805

Published Date: 25 April 2014

Outpatient- and inpatient-based buckling surgery: a comparative study

Lee JC, Kim YC

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:793-797

Published Date: 25 April 2014

Presumed toxoplasmic central retinal artery occlusion and multifocal retinitis with perivascular sheathing

Arai H, Sakai T, Okano K, Aoyagi R, Imai A, Takase H, Mochizuki M, Tsuneoka H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:789-792

Published Date: 23 April 2014

Ocular manifestations of idiopathic aplastic anemia: retrospective study and literature review

Mansour AM, Lee JW, Yahng SA, Kim KS, Shahin M, Hamerschlak N, Belfort RN, Kurup SK

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:777-787

Published Date: 17 April 2014

Combined Baerveldt glaucoma drainage implant surgery and surgical bleb revision for preventing a postoperative hypertensive phase

Kawai M, Yamaguchi T, Nakabayashi S, Yoshida A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:773-776

Published Date: 16 April 2014

Transformational change: nurses substituting for ophthalmologists for intravitreal injections – a quality-improvement report

Michelotti MM, Abugreen S, Kelly SP, Morarji J, Myerscough D, Boddie T, Haughton A, Nixon N, Mason B, Sioras E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:755-761

Published Date: 15 April 2014

Evaluation of intraocular pressure elevation after multiple injections of intravitreal ranibizumab

Yu AL, Seidensticker F, Schaumberger M, Welge-Lussen U, Wolf A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:743-747

Published Date: 11 April 2014

Cataract surgery during active methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection

Mansour AM, Salti HI

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:739-742

Published Date: 15 April 2014

Sequential bilateral retinal artery occlusion

Padrón-Pérez N, Aronés JR, Muñoz S, Arias-Barquet L, Arruga J

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:733-738

Published Date: 11 April 2014

Bimatoprost/timolol fixed combination versus latanoprost in treatment-naïve glaucoma patients at high risk of progression: a pilot study

Gutierrez-Diaz E, Silva Cotta J, Muñoz-Negrete FJ, Gutierrez-Ortiz C, Morgan-Warren RJ, Maltman J

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:725-732

Published Date: 10 April 2014

Bilateral visual outcomes and service utilization of patients treated for 3 years with ranibizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration

Chavan R, Panneerselvam S, Adhana P, Narendran N, Yang Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:717-723

Published Date: 8 April 2014

Tolosa-Hunt syndrome masquerading as a carotid artery dissection

Taylor EJ, Anders UM, Martel JR, Martel JB

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:707-710

Published Date: 7 April 2014

Miniaturized high-resolution wide-field contact lens for panretinal photocoagulation

Koushan K, Chalam KV

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:703-706

Published Date: 7 April 2014

Role of the Vision Van, a mobile ophthalmic outpatient clinic, in the Great East Japan Earthquake

Yuki K, Nakazawa T, Kurosaka D, Yoshida T, Alfonso EC, Lee RK, Takano S, Tsubota K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:691-696

Published Date: 7 April 2014

Comparison of efficacy between low-fluence and half-dose verteporfin photodynamic therapy for chronic central serous chorioretinopathy

Alkin Z, Perente I, Ozkaya A, Alp D, Agca A, Aygit ED, Korkmaz S, Yazici AT, Demirok A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:685-690

Published Date: 5 April 2014

Terson syndrome and leukemia: a case report

Lorenzi U, Buschini E, Fea A, Machetta F, Grignolo FM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:681-683

Published Date: 3 April 2014

Two cases of malignant glaucoma unresolved by pars plana vitrectomy

Hosoda Y, Akagi T, Yoshimura N

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:677-679

Published Date: 2 April 2014

Characteristics of intraretinal deposits in acute central serous chorioretinopathy

Plateroti AM, Witmer MT, Kiss S, D’Amico DJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:673-676

Published Date: 2 April 2014

Virtual reality simulator for vitreoretinal surgery using integrated OCT data

Kozak I, Banerjee P, Luo J, Luciano C

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:669-672

Published Date: 31 March 2014

Bimatoprost 0.01% or 0.03% in patients with glaucoma or ocular hypertension previously treated with latanoprost: two randomized 12-week trials

Myers JS, Vold S, Zaman F, Williams JM, Hollander DA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:643-652

Published Date: 27 March 2014

Choroidal thickness in patients with diabetic retinopathy

Ünsal E, Eltutar K, Zirtiloğlu S, Dinçer N, Özdoğan Erkul S, Güngel H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:637-642

Published Date: 27 March 2014

Bilateral papillopathy as a presenting sign of pheochromocytoma associated with von Hippel–Lindau disease

Shah V, Zlotcavitch L, Herro AM, Dubovy SR, Yehoshua Z, Lam BL

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:623-628

Published Date: 26 March 2014

Strategies for improving early detection of glaucoma: the combined structure–function index

Tatham AJ, Weinreb RN, Medeiros FA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:611-621

Published Date: 26 March 2014

Applanation tonometry: a comparison of the Perkins handheld and Goldmann slit lamp-mounted methods

Arora R, Bellamy H, Austin MW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:605-610

Published Date: 26 March 2014

Patency of small laser iridotomy evaluated using anterior-segment optical coherence tomography

Nakabayashi S, Kawai M, Yamaguchi T, Yoshida A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:595-597

Published Date: 21 March 2014

Indirect cyclopexy for treatment of a chronic traumatic cyclodialysis cleft with hypotony

Chadha N, Lamba T, Belyea DA, Merchant KY

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:591-594

Published Date: 22 March 2014

Diagnosis of dry eye disease and emerging technologies

Zeev MSB, Miller DD, Latkany R

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:581-590

Published Date: 20 March 2014

Diagnosis and management of neurotrophic keratitis

Sacchetti M, Lambiase A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:571-579

Published Date: 19 March 2014

Oculogyric crisis in a patient taking metoclopramide

Koban Y, Ekinci M, Cagatay HH, Yazar Z

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:567-569

Published Date: 19 March 2014

Choroidal neovascularization secondary to Best’s vitelliform macular dystrophy in two siblings of a Malay family

Alisa-Victoria K, Jin-Poi T,Shatriah I, Zunaina E, Ngah NF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:537-542

Published Date: 12 March 2014

Utility values for glaucoma in Brazil and their correlation with visual function

Paletta Guedes RA, Paletta Guedes VM, Freitas SM, Chaoubah A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:529-535

Published Date: 12 March 2014

Visual field examination using a video projector: comparison with Humphrey perimeter

Brouzas D, Tsapakis S, Nitoda E, Moschos MM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:523-528

Published Date: 11 March 2014

Tear osmolarity and dry eye symptoms in diabetics

Fuerst N, Langelier N, Massaro-Giordano M, Pistilli M, Stasi K, Burns C, Cardillo S, Bunya VY

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:507-515

Published Date: 10 March 2014

Characterization of micro-invasive trabecular bypass stents by ex vivo perfusion and computational flow modeling

Hunter KS, Fjield T, Heitzmann H, Shandas R, Kahook MY

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:499-506

Published Date: 11 March 2014

Influence of automated disc margin determination on Stratus OCT optic nerve head measurements

Soares de Camargo A, Melo LA Jr, Hirai FE, Tavares IM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:493-497

Published Date: 5 March 2014

Pneumatic displacement with intravitreal bevacizumab for massive submacular hemorrhage due to polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

Kitahashi M, Baba T, Sakurai M, Yokouchi H, Kubota-Taniai M, Mitamura Y, Yamamoto S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:485-492

Published Date: 3 March 2014

Intraoperative endoscopic observation of sclerotomy site after cannula removal for 23-gauge vitrectomy

Hikichi T, Kitamei H, Kosaka S, Shioya S, Takami K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:477-481

Published Date: 28 February 2014

Matched control study of visual outcomes after arteriovenous sheathotomy for branch retinal vein occlusion

Yamane S, Kamei M, Sakimoto S, Inoue M, Arakawa A, Suzuki M, Matsumura N, Kadonosono K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:471-476

Published Date: 26 February 2014

Process of spontaneous resolution in the conservative management of congenital dacryocystocele

Mimura M, Ueki M, Oku H, Sato B, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:465-469

Published Date: 26 February 2014

Comparison of the nerve fiber layer of type 2 diabetic patients without glaucoma with normal subjects of the same age and sex

Takis A, Alonistiotis D, Panagiotidis D, Ioannou N,
Papaconstantinou D, Theodossiadis P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:455-463

Published Date: 25 February 2014

Mutations of the CYP1B1 gene in congenital anterior staphylomas

Al Judaibi R, Abu-Amero KK, Morales J, Al Shahwan S,
Edward DP

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:445-448

Published Date: 24 February 2014

Ischemic retinal vasculitis in an 18-year-old man with chickenpox infection

Poonyathalang A,Sukavatcharin S, Sujirakul T,

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:441-443

Published Date: 24 February 2014

Intraretinal hyperreflective foci on spectral-domain optical coherence tomographic images of patients with retinitis pigmentosa

Kuroda M, Hirami Y, Hata M, Mandai M, Takahashi M, Kurimoto Y

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:435-440

Published Date: 24 February 2014

In vivo laser confocal microscopy findings of a cornea with osteogenesis imperfecta

Kobayashi A, Higashide T, Yokogawa H, Yamazaki N, Masaki T, Sugiyama K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:429-433

Published Date: 21 February 2014

Clinical properties of a novel, glistening-free, single-piece, hydrophobic acrylic IOL

Packer M, Rajan M, Ligabue E, Heiner P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:421-427

Published Date: 21 February 2014

Comparison of the effect of W-shaped and linear skin incisions on scar visibility in bilateral external dacryocystorhinostomy

Ekinci M, Cagatay HH, Gokce G, Ceylan E, Keles S, Çakici O, Oba ME, Yazar Z

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:415-419

Published Date: 20 February 2014

Self-adjustable glasses in the developing world

Murthy Gudlavalleti VS, Allagh KP, Gudlavalleti ASV

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:405-413

Published Date: 17 February 2014

Emphysema following vitrectomy with fluid–gas exchange: description of a rare complication

Damasceno EF, Damasceno N, Horowitz S, Rodrigues MM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:401-403

Published Date: 11 February 2014

Complication rate of posterior capsule rupture with vitreous loss during phacoemulsification at a Hawaiian cataract surgical center: a clinical audit

Chen M, LaMattina KC, Patrianakos T, Dwarakanathan S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:375-378

Published Date: 5 February 2014

Choroidal atrophy in a patient with paraneoplastic retinopathy and anti-TRPM1 antibody

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Donor cornea preparation in partial big bubble deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

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The comparison of intravitreal triamcinolone and bevacizumab in patients with macular edema secondary to branch retinal vein occlusion

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Travoprost with sofZia® preservative system lowered intraocular pressure of Japanese normal tension glaucoma with minimal side effects

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P2Y2 receptor agonists for the treatment of dry eye disease: a review

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Periorbital muscle atrophy associated with topical bimatoprost therapy

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Listeria monocytogenes endophthalmitis following keratoconjunctivitis

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Reducing dropout of contact lens wear with Biotrue multipurpose solution

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Periocular necrotizing fasciitis following retrobulbar injection

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Clinical experiences in fungal keratitis caused by Acremonium

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A novel technique for inferior rectus recession

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Endothelial distance after phakic iris-fixated intraocular lens implantation: a new safety reference

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Histopathological examination of Acanthamoeba sclerokeratitis

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One-year results of intravitreal ranibizumab combined with reduced-fluence photodynamic therapy for polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

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Ocular findings in two siblings with Joubert syndrome

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Anterior segment optical coherence tomography for demonstrating posterior capsular rent in posterior polar cataract

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Electrophysiological examination in uveitis: a review of the literature

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Association of electroretinogram and morphological findings in central retinal vein occlusion with macular edema

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Acute anterior uveitis after discontinuation of tocilizumab in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis

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Reliable intraocular pressure measurement using automated radio-wave telemetry

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Correlations between choroidal abnormalities, Lisch nodules, and age in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1

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Retinal angiomatous proliferation associated with risk alleles of ARMS2/HTRA1 gene polymorphisms in Japanese patients

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Aphakia correction with retropupillary fixated iris-claw lens (Artisan) – long-term results

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Advances in gene therapy technologies to treat retinitis pigmentosa

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Anterior-segment morphology and corneal biomechanical characteristics in pigmentary glaucoma

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Measurement of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in eyes with optic disc swelling by using scanning laser polarimetry and optical coherence tomography

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Ultraviolet damage to the eye revisited: eye-sun protection factor (E-SPF®), a new ultraviolet protection label for eyewear

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Birdshot uveitis: current and emerging treatment options

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Influence of microkeratome parameters on the stromal bed and flap edge quality in laser in situ keratomileusis

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Choroidal and macular thickness changes induced by cataract surgery

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Rate of ectasia and incidence of irregular topography in patients with unidentified preoperative risk factors undergoing femtosecond laser-assisted LASIK

Moshirfar M, Smedley JG, Muthappan V, Jarsted A, Ostler EM

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Rapid growth of an orbital hemangiopericytoma with atypical histopathological findings

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In patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration, physical activity may influence C-reactive protein levels

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A case of conjunctival mucoepidermoid carcinoma in Australia

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Classification of posterior vitreous detachment

Kakehashi A, Takezawa M, Akiba J

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Published Date: 4 December 2013