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International Women’s Day 2018

Lucy Price on March 8, 2018 at 3:30 pm

To mark International Women’s Day 2018, we have selected several articles published over the last year in our International Journal of Women’s Health and Psychology Research and Behaviour Management journal, that highlight the ongoing challenges and inequality faced by women all over the world.

Gender stereotypes in occupational choice: a cross-sectional study on a group of Italian adolescents

In this paper by Ramaci et al. published in Psychology Research and Behaviour Management, the impact of gender beliefs and stereotypes on the career aspirations of adolescents are examined. In the study, the questionnaire results of the 120 students surveyed indicated that the male participants identified themselves to be more suited to professions within military, scientific, and agrarian professions than the female participants. The study also indicated that the adolescents surveyed were influenced by the type of employment that their parents held.

Let us fight and support one another: adolescent girls and young women on contributors and solutions to HIV risk in Zambia

This article, published in the International Journal of Women’s Health, poses the question as to why so many girls and young women in Zambia are affected by HIV. It examines the social, cultural and economic factors that have led to the vulnerability of young women in this region. Females aged 15-24 are the most affected in sub-Saharan Africa, with seven thousand new infections occurring each week. Factors such as early sexual debut, early pregnancy and age disparate sex are common among women of this age group in Zambia and these are factors associated with the acquisition of HIV. Attitudes towards sexual behaviour in Zambia are examined within the article, and could be a contributing factor to the high rates of HIV.

Work, gender roles, and health: neglected mental health issues among female workers in the ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh

This article, published in the International Journal of Women’s Health, focuses on the lives of Bangladeshi women working within the ready-made garment industry. The study highlights that often, mothers must leave their children behind in their village to pursue work in urban areas due to poor working conditions and limited childcare. The article reflects upon the maternal impact of this separation, the pressures of providing financially for their families, and the stressful working conditions they endure. Women in Bangladesh working within this industry reported suffering from anxiety, stress and thoughts of suicide. The article calls for the development of health interventions to improve the health and well-being of female garment workers, who are contributing significantly to the economic development of Bangladesh.

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