Selecting peer reviewers


All manuscripts submitted to Dove Medical Press are peer reviewed before publication and follow the single blind peer review model. Publication decisions on all manuscripts are based on the advice of a minimum of two independent peer reviewers.

At Dove Medical Press, we have a qualified team of reviewer selection editors who carefully select peer reviewers for all papers.

Peer reviewers must meet the following criteria:

  • They should have relevant subject matter expertise which is assessed based on their publication record and institutional profiles. The team checks for recent publications in the last 2–3 years which should be related to the subject area of the submission. These publications should be primarily in English language.
  • There should be no conflict of interest, which means, any connections to the authors or other invited reviewers, any idea, funding, or commercial organization that could interfere with their ability to be objective.
  • They should have a valid and active email address.
  • The team also ensures that they select and invite a diverse pool of reviewers from various geographic locations.

Updated 23 May 2023