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Journal of Parkinsonism and Restless Legs Syndrome Relaunch

Victoria Ship on March 26, 2019 at 1:49 am

Dove Medical Press is pleased to announce that the Journal of Parkinsonism and Restless Legs Syndrome has been relaunched as Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism, effective 25th March 2019. This is an exciting and important new milestone in the journal's continued development. The journal will remain an open-access journal, and all papers submitted will undergo a rapid and rigorous peer-review process.

Research within the field of Parkinsonism has grown exponentially in recent years, with important research being made into cognitive deficits of Parkinson’s disease as well as deep brain stimulation and transcranial current stimulation as therapeutic strategies for this debilitating disease. Editor-in-chief, Dr Peter Hedera, has stated “I am excited to see what the future holds, and I hope this launched journal will only further encourage scientific discussions and debates.” You can read Dr Hedera’s editorial regarding the relaunch here.

The journal is the perfect publication avenue for all aspects of parkinsonism-related research, policy, phenomenology, literature, history, and treatment on various types of parkinsonian syndromes (eg, Parkinson’s disease, atypical parkinsonism, drug-induced, secondary parkinsonism, and heredodegenerative diseases) as well as other movement disorders with overlapping features of Parkinson’s disease.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped the journal grow and we look forward to the beginning of Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism and its continued development. We welcome your submissions.

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