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The ‘T-Nano Thematic Series’: shedding light on innovations in nanomedicine

Deborah Tranter on March 16, 2018 at 3:27 am

Dove Medical Press announces the launch of the ‘T-Nano Thematic Series’ which was created by the International Journal of Nanomedicine (IJN). The series uncovers a plethora of approaches which were showcased at an International Conference on Translational Nanomedicine (a joint Indo-US venture) and is part of a Dove-inspired portfolio of high-quality products for scientists and clinicians.

The medical application of nanotechnology, also known as ‘nanomedicine’, is a rapidly emerging and ‘disruptive’ strategy that will tackle hurdles formerly viewed as insurmountable in drug development and medicine. Nanomedicine could be the trailblazer for providing a new wave of therapeutic avenues and diagnostic and preventative tools for many diseases and disorders. Even though in its infancy, the field is likely to unfurl more intrigue and excitement across medical science in the coming years.
Currently there is widespread evidence that nanotechnologies can manipulate and improve the behavioural characteristics of drugs; this could be key to overcoming the commonly encountered ‘high hurdles’ of drug solubility, absorption, distribution, elimination and toxicity (ADME-Tox). Another string to the bow comes in the shape of the potential for earlier detection, diagnosis and improved prognosis. We unquestionably have a titanic need for disruptive innovations in cancer and neurological diseases and advancements are gaining a brisk pace. Eye-opening advances have been achieved; however, clinical advances remain hindered by biological, immunological and translational hurdles1. In order to move forward, there is a need for transparent dialogue on how to make further progress.

It is this remarkable progress that has inspired Dove Medical Press to launch this new thematic series. This is a valuable resource for those who are keen to keep abreast of developments in the nanotechnology arena. It features thirty articles with reportage ranging from drug delivery, biosensors, diagnostics and drug targeting. Get updated on some of the many novel approaches currently sweeping through the field. Coverage includes how mannosylated-PLGA nanoparticles of Lamivudine are showing promise as a therapeutic system for drug delivery to brain macrophages. With macrophages considered a chief cell population that sustains HIV infection of the CNS, this article offers up recent progress on anti-retroviral brain drug delivery. Moreover, the series reveals how curcuminoid-loaded nanoparticles may be suitable as effective, localized and safe chemotherapy… and as infectious diseases persist in being a leading health challenge throughout every continent, we describe the use of nanoantibiotics as a paradigm for treating drug-resistant superbugs. We hope that you enjoy perusing this work and would welcome feedback and ideas for the future.

* We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our Guest Editors: Surinder P Singh, Rishi Shanker, Srinivas Sridhar and Thomas J. Webster (Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Nanomedicine) for their direction and input when collating this thematic series.

1 Moghimi, SM & Farhangrazi, ZS (2014). Just so stories: The random acts of anti-cancer nanomedicine performance. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 10(8):1661-1666.


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