Dove Medical Press is a participating organization of the ORCID initiative and authors are required to provide their ORCID numbers at submission whenever available.

What is ORCID?
ORCID is the provider of a persistent digital identifier that is unique to you. This distinguishes you from every other researcher, which is important when others have the same or similar names. Through integration in manuscript and grant submission it supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized, and you get credit where it is due.

Getting an ORCID iD is free, quick and easy to do through the ORCID registration page: https://orcid.org/register

What are the benefits for authors having an ORCID iD?
There are often many researchers who have the same name, there are also researchers who may change their name or publish under different names during their career. With an ORCID iD, you will be correctly linked with your research work. And, if you use your ORCID iD during the submission process, and grant Crossref permission, we will update your ORCID record whenever you publish an article with us.

How can I include my ORCID iD in my Dovepress profile?
You can either enter it in the “Update my Details’ section of your user interface after you log in. Alternatively, when submitting a paper there is a field in Step 1, Your Details, where you can enter your ORCID iD.

Authenticated ORCID iDs that we collect will be included in the articles metadata and PDF. This will enable us to display your ORCID iD alongside your name for the online version and will also trigger the Crossref auto-update functionality. Crossref will send a notification to your ORCID inbox requesting permission to update your ORCID record with your published article. Please see https://www.crossref.org/community/orcid/ for more information.

Updated 13 March 2019