Membership plans


Institutional Memberships

We are pleased to offer organizations and institutions a tangible way of supporting Open Access and encourage their faculty and research members to disseminate their works as widely as possible under the Open Access business model. In all cases we offer flexibility of payment options, fast-tracked papers, and there are no hidden costs-all are designed to help to establish your institutional membership and meet compliance requirements.

If you are interested in discussing your institution's needs, Please email Vivienne Gee at [email protected].

Plan Details:

  1. Membership Program (fee based, non-refundable)
    Based upon size of faculty:
    1. Small (faculty up to 1500*) or for UK, JISC banding† 8-10 - US3,000 fee pa - this gives the subscribing body 1 free submission** plus 20% discount off all further submissions PLUS Fast track Publication
    2. Medium (1501-3000*) or for UK, JISC banding† 5-7 - US$6,000 fee pa - this gives the subscribing body 2 free submissions** plus 25% discount off all further submissions PLUS Fast track Publication
    3. Large (3001+*) or for UK, JISC banding† 1-4 - $10,000 fee pa - this gives the subscribing body 3 free submissions** plus 30% discount off all further submissions PLUS Fast track Publication
  2. Prepayment Program: (credit based):

    Institute pays a fixed amount as a credit to offset against future submission fees. Fixed discount given on all submissions.

    1. Minimum initial Prepayment credit of US$7,500 providing 15% discount on all submissions PLUS Fast track Publication
    2. Minimum top up/refill of $5,000 (we can recommend more appropriate top up/refill credit based upon past usage), ie. Adding further payments once the initial or current credit level runs down.
    3. Credit rolls over year on year, except if in the unlikely event the initial prepayment credit is not used by end of year 2 the program is terminated and credit lost.

Support Service Package: Offered for above 2 programs

Each institution will have access to a private support interface for:

  1. Publications Page - all publications submitted under the membership/prepayment program from the institution will be showcased here including individual article metrics;
  2. Compliance- NIH or other public/philanthropic funding programs-highlighting when the articles are deposited in PubMed Central;
  3. Institute repositories-published papers will be fed into the internal repository of the institute using SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit);
  4. Financial tracking on membership/prepayment program to date. Also detailing papers published, amount spent, discount received and article metrics;
  5. Marketing material- the central librarian (or other main contact) will be provided with materials to assist with marketing membership plans within the institution in terms of
    1. Open access publishing, and b) Dove membership plans and publishing approach.

Please contact us if your institute is interested in joining our membership/prepayment program, or if you have any questions.

* Cost-effective flat rate annual membership fee based on the number of biology, chemistry and medical researchers and graduate students are at the faculty.

** The free manuscripts will be assigned on a first approval basis. Libraries/institutions will not need to decide who receives the free manuscript.

† For JISC banding for UK please click here

Updated 22 November 2022