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ImmunoTargets and Therapy

Archive: Volume 9, 2020

Factors Associated with Adherence to Immunosuppressive Therapy and Barriers in Asian Kidney Transplant Recipients [Corrigendum]

Ganjali R, Ghorban Sabbagh M, Nazemiyan F, Mamdouhi F, Badiee Aval S, Taherzadeh Z, Heshmati Nabavi F, Golmakani R, Tohidinezhad F, Eslami S

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:141-142

Published Date: 14 September 2020

Cannabidiol as a Novel Therapeutic for Immune Modulation

Peyravian N, Deo S, Daunert S, Jimenez JJ

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:131-140

Published Date: 18 August 2020

Targeting Prostate Cancer Using Intratumoral Cytotopically Modified Interleukin-15 Immunotherapy in a Syngeneic Murine Model

Papaevangelou E, Smolarek D, Smith RA, Dasgupta P, Galustian C

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:115-130

Published Date: 27 July 2020

Assessing Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Shurin MR, Morris A, Wells A, Wheeler SE

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:111-114

Published Date: 11 June 2020

Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: A New Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of SLE?

Lorenzo-Vizcaya A, Fasano S, Isenberg DA

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:105-110

Published Date: 2 June 2020

Dendritic Cell-Based Therapy Using LY6E Peptide with a Putative Role Against Colorectal Cancer

Tokhanbigli S, Asadirad A, Baghaei K, Piccin A, Yarian F, Parsamanesh G, Hashemi SM, Asadzadeh Aghdaei H, Zali MR

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:95-104

Published Date: 22 May 2020

Idiopathic CD4 Lymphocytopenia: Current Insights

Vijayakumar S, Viswanathan S, Aghoram R

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:79-93

Published Date: 14 May 2020

Immunotherapy for Medulloblastoma: Current Perspectives

Kabir TF, Kunos CA, Villano JL, Chauhan A

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:57-77

Published Date: 20 April 2020

Role of Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Elemam NM, Hannawi S, Maghazachi AA

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:43-56

Published Date: 9 March 2020

Novel Resolution Mediators of Severe Systemic Inflammation

Gudernatsch V, Stefańczyk SA, Mirakaj V

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:31-41

Published Date: 6 March 2020

Immunoinformatics and Vaccine Development: An Overview

Oli AN, Obialor WO, Ifeanyichukwu MO, Odimegwu DC, Okoyeh JN, Emechebe GO, Adejumo SA, Ibeanu GC

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:13-30

Published Date: 26 February 2020

Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) Therapy for Bladder Cancer: An Update

Guallar-Garrido S, Julián E

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2020, 9:1-11

Published Date: 13 February 2020