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ImmunoTargets and Therapy

ISSN: 2253-1556

Archive: Volume 13, 2024

Mapping Single-Cell Transcriptomes of Endometrium Reveals Potential Biomarkers in Endometrial Cancer

Xu G, Pan T, Li S, Guo J, Zhang Y, Xu Q, Chen R, Ma Y, Li Y

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:349-366

Published Date: 16 July 2024

Deciphering Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Against Medulloblastoma in vitro and in vivo: Implications for Immunotherapy

Gauthier M, Pierson J, Moulin D, Mouginot M, Bourguignon V, Rhalloussi W, Vincourt JB, Dumas D, Bensoussan D, Chastagner P, Boura C, Decot V

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:319-333

Published Date: 26 June 2024

Advances in the Understanding of the Correlation Between Neuroinflammation and Microglia in Alzheimer’s Disease

Yan H, Wang W, Cui T, Shao Y, Li M, Fang L, Feng L

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:287-304

Published Date: 12 June 2024

Mendelian Randomization Analysis of Circulating Cytokines and Risk of Autoimmune Neuroinflammatory Diseases

Tao SS, Cao F, Zhang RD, Xu SZ, Li XX, Tang J, Yang XK, Pan HF

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:273-286

Published Date: 10 June 2024

Targeted siRNA Therapy for Psoriasis: Translating Preclinical Potential into Clinical Treatments

Zhao F, Zhao J, Wei K, Jiang P, Shi Y, Chang C, Zheng Y, Shan Y, Li Y, He B, Zhou M, Liu J, Li L, Guo S, He D

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:259-271

Published Date: 16 May 2024

The Role of Extracorporeal Photopheresis in the Management of Graft Versus Host Disease: Narrative Review

Berhan A, Damtie S, Almaw A, Legesse B, Sharew B, Getie B, Erkihun M, Solomon Y

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:235-246

Published Date: 26 April 2024

Clinical Significance of Uncommon, Non-Clinical, and Novel Autoantibodies

Shurin MR, Wheeler SE

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:215-234

Published Date: 25 April 2024

Correlation Between C4/IgG with Macroproteinuria in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Pilot Study

Zhang H, Xu A, Li X, Pan B, Wan X

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:205-214

Published Date: 12 April 2024

Comprehension of Calcitriol Levels in Pregnant Women With Latent Tuberculosis and Immune Function in their Newborns

Meirina F, Sari DK, Lubis IND, Daulay RS, Yani FF, Lubis BM, Sembiring RJ, Pandia P, Rusda M, Amin MM

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:195-204

Published Date: 8 April 2024

Thymic NK-Cells and Their Potential in Cancer Immunotherapy

Forbes C, Nierkens S, Cornel AM

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:183-194

Published Date: 25 March 2024

Cold Tumour Phenotype Explained Through Whole Genome Sequencing in Clinical Nasopharyngeal Cancer: A Preliminary Study

Handoko, Adham M, Rachmadi L, Wibowo H, Gondhowiardjo SA

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:173-182

Published Date: 18 March 2024

Dermatomyositis: Practical Guidance and Unmet Needs

Cassard L, Seraly N, Riegert M, Patel A, Fernandez AP

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:151-172

Published Date: 6 March 2024

Efficacy and Safety Profile of Tuberculin Protein Purified Derivative Injection As Immunotherapy For the Treatment of Cutaneous and Anogenital Warts: A Review Article

Achdiat PA, Suwarsa O, Hidayat YM, Shafiee MN, Dwiyana RF, Hindritiani R, Sutedja E, Pudjiati SR, Hilmanto D, Dhamayanti M, Parwati I, Maharani RH, Sutedja EK, Avriyanti E, Yunitasari

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:123-150

Published Date: 5 March 2024

Characterizing CD8+ TEMRA Cells in CP/CPPS Patients: Insights from Targeted Single-Cell Transcriptomic and Functional Investigations

Zhang F, Ge Q, Meng J, Chen J, Liang C, Zhang M

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:111-121

Published Date: 26 February 2024

Males’ Access to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Resource-Limited Settings

Gezimu W, Bekele F, Bekana T, Demeke A

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:95-98

Published Date: 17 February 2024

Inhibition Effect of Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Treatment in Pancreatic Cancer: A Retrospective Study

Luo Q, Dong Y, Liu P, He C, Chen L, Zhang K, Pan C, Gao Y, Qin T

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:45-54

Published Date: 1 February 2024

Unveiling Dynamic Changes and Regulatory Mechanisms of T Cell Subsets in Sepsis Pathogenesis

Jiang C, Chen J, Sun T, Xu J, Zhu H, Chen J

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:29-44

Published Date: 1 February 2024

In-vivo Immunomodulatory Activities of Essential Oils of Artemisia abyssinica and Lepidium sativum in Mice

Ayenew KD, Ayalew A, Wondmkun YT, Tsige AW, Wolde A, Sewale Y, Belihu GD, Fekade E, Habteweld HA

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:15-27

Published Date: 23 January 2024

CD69 is a Promising Immunotherapy and Prognosis Prediction Target in Cancer

Li Y, Gu Y, Yang P, Wang Y, Yu X, Li Y, Jin Z, Xu L

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:1-14

Published Date: 9 January 2024