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Papers published by Professor Guoping Yang:

A Phase I Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of Novel Intravenous Formulation of Meloxicam (QP001) in Healthy Chinese Subjects

Ma J, Huang J, Zou C, Wu Q, Xie J, Zhang X, Yang X, Yang S, Wu Z, Jiang Y, Yu S, Zhang X, Yang G, Li M

Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2023, 17:2303-2313

Published Date: 3 August 2023

Population Pharmacokinetic Modelling for Nifedipine to Evaluate the Effect of Parathyroid Hormone on CYP3A in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Fu C, Pei Q, Liang W, Yang B, Li W, Liu J, Tan H, Guo C, Zhang H, Yang G

Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2022, 16:2261-2274

Published Date: 13 July 2022

CASPorter: A Novel Inducible Human CASP1/NALP3/ASC Inflammasome Biosensor

Zou C, Beard JA, Yang G, Evans WE, Bonten EJ

Journal of Inflammation Research 2022, 15:1183-1194

Published Date: 19 February 2022

Bioequivalence and Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Generic and Branded Obeticholic Acid in Healthy Chinese Subjects Under Fasting and Fed Conditions

Wang MN, Yu HT, Li YQ, Zeng Y, Yang S, Yang GP, Pei Q, Huang J

Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2021, 15:185-193

Published Date: 14 January 2021

Current Molecular Targeted Agents for Advanced Gastric Cancer

Nie S, Yang G, Lu H

OncoTargets and Therapy 2020, 13:4075-4088

Published Date: 12 May 2020