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OncoTargets and Therapy

ISSN: 1178-6930

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Gaetano Romano

OncoTargets and Therapy is an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the molecular diagnosis of and targeted molecular or precision therapy for all types of cancer. This journal explores the evidence behind new and existing therapies to aid their informed acceptance by clinicians and treatment adherence by patients.

This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Latest articles:

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Liquid-Based Cytology of Small Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix: A Multicenter Retrospective Study

Liu Y, Li M, Liu Y, Wan Y, Yang B, Li D, Wang S

OncoTargets and Therapy 2024, 17:557-565

Published Date: 8 July 2024

Red Sea Sponge Callyspongia siphonella Extract Induced Growth Inhibition and Apoptosis in Breast MCF-7 and Hepatic HepG-2 Cancer Cell Lines in 2D and 3D Cell Cultures

Fadil SA, Aljoud FA, Yonbawi AR, Almalki AJ, Hareeri RH, Ashi A, AlQriqri MA, Bawazir NS, Alshangiti HH, Shaala LA, Youssef DTA, Alkhilaiwi FA

OncoTargets and Therapy 2024, 17:521-536

Published Date: 25 June 2024

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