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Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism

Aims and Scope

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Peter Hedera

Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism presents current information about Parkinsonism and Restless legs Syndrome related research, policy, phenomenology, literature, history, and treatment. This journal offers broad range of coverage in a wide-array of disciplines, from clinical and therapeutic aspects to understanding of molecular pathways involved in these disorders. This journal also covers the history of medicine in particular neurology, and social as well as psychological aspects of these disorders.

The journal provides a forum for international debate on various aspects of Parkinsonism and Restless legs Syndrome related issues. It reports on updates of various types of Parkinsonian syndromes (e.g. Parkinson's disease, atypical, drug induced, secondary Parkinsonism, heredo-degenerative diseases) as well as other movement disorders with overlapping features. This journal also discusses developments on medical conditions known to be associated with Parkinsonism and Restless Legs Syndrome (such as sleep disorders, neuropathies, renal dysfunction, iron deficiency, pregnancy, multiple sclerosis) amongst others. It also addresses psychological, social, therapeutic, pathophysiological, etiological and genetic aspects of these disorders.

Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism will no longer consider meta-analyses for publication.