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Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare

ISSN: 1178-2390

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Steve Campbell

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare (JMDH) aims to represent and publish research in healthcare areas delivered by practitioners of different disciplines. This includes studies and reviews conducted by multidisciplinary teams (combining or involving several academic disciplines or professional specializations) as well as research which evaluates or reports the results or conduct of such teams or healthcare processes in general.  The journal covers a very wide range of areas and we welcome submissions from practitioners at all levels and from all over the world. Good healthcare is not bounded by person, place or time and the journal aims to reflect this.   The JMDH is published as an open-access journal to allow this wide range of practical, patient relevant research to be immediately available to practitioners who can access and use it immediately upon publication.

This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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Latest articles:

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Coping with Everyday Life for Home-Dwelling Persons with Dementia: A Qualitative Study

Moe A, Alnes RE, Nordtug B, Blindheim K, Steinsheim G, Malmedal W

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2021, 14:909-918

Published Date: 23 April 2021

Interprofessional Collaboration in a New Model of Transitional Care for Families with Preterm Infants – The Health Care Professional’s Perspective

Schuetz Haemmerli N, von Gunten G, Khan J, Stoffel L, Humpl T, Cignacco E

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2021, 14:897-908

Published Date: 23 April 2021

Economic and Humanistic Burden Associated with Depression and Anxiety Among Adults with Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases (NCCDs) in the United States

Armbrecht E, Shah R, Poorman GW, Luo L, Stephens JM, Li B, Pappadopulos E, Haider S, McIntyre RS

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2021, 14:887-896

Published Date: 23 April 2021

Deep Learning Classifier with Patient’s Metadata of Dermoscopic Images in Malignant Melanoma Detection

Ningrum DNA, Yuan SP, Kung WM, Wu CC, Tzeng IS, Huang CY, Li JYC, Wang YC

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2021, 14:877-885

Published Date: 21 April 2021

Technical Aspects of Intensive Care Unit Management: A Single-Center Experience at a Tertiary Academic Hospital

Alsohime F, Temsah MH, Al-Eyadhy A, Ghulman S, Mosleh H, Alsohime O

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2021, 14:869-875

Published Date: 20 April 2021


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