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Nature and Science of Sleep

ISSN: 1179-1608

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Ahmed S. BaHammam

An international, peer-reviewed, open access journal covering all aspects of sleep science and sleep medicine, including the neurophysiology and functions of sleep, the genetics of sleep, sleep and society, biological rhythms, dreaming, sleep disorders and therapy, and strategies to optimize healthy sleep.

For specific topics covered in the journal please see the Aims and Scope.

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Latest articles:

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Investigating the Role of BDNF in Insomnia: Current Insights

Ditmer M, Gabryelska A, Turkiewicz S, Sochal M

Nature and Science of Sleep 2023, 15:1045-1060

Published Date: 7 December 2023

Association of Depression with Long-Term Cardiovascular Risks in Older Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Zhao Z, Gao Y, Lin J, Xu R, He Z, Zhao L, Fang F, Cai W, Chen K, Fan L, Liu L

Nature and Science of Sleep 2023, 15:1033-1043

Published Date: 5 December 2023

Intensity and Network Structure of Insomnia Symptoms and the Role of Mental Health During the First Two Waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roland A, Windal M, Briganti G, Kornreich C, Mairesse O

Nature and Science of Sleep 2023, 15:1003-1017

Published Date: 1 December 2023

Sleep Quality is Associated with Axial Length Elongation in Myopic Children Receiving Orthokeratology: A Retrospective Study

Yu D, Wang L, Zhou X, Liu L, Wu S, Tang Q, Zhang X

Nature and Science of Sleep 2023, 15:993-1001

Published Date: 29 November 2023

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