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Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism

ISSN: 2624-3733

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Peter Hedera

Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism an international, peer reviewed, open access journal focusing on presenting current information about Parkinsonism related research, policy, phenomenology, literature, history and treatment. It reports on updates of various types of Parkinsonian syndromes (e.g. Parkinson's disease, atypical, drug induced, secondary Parkinsonism, heredo-degenerative diseases) as well as other movement disorders with overlapping features. The journal publishes review articles, historical reviews, original research articles, case reports, letters to the editor, clinical teaching cases, neuroradiology highlights, neuropathology highlights, and neuropsychiatry highlights.

This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Latest articles:

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Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior Assessment and Intervention in Parkinson’s Disease: A Scoping Review

Rider JV, Longhurst JK, Lekhak N, Young DL, Landers MR

Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism 2022, 12:1-17

Published Date: 16 March 2022

Challenges and Opportunities in Atypical Parkinsonian Syndromes: Call to Action

Roach M, Chou JW, Lavin B, Maclean JR

Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism 2020, 10:1-6

Published Date: 10 January 2020

Voice treatment in Parkinson’s disease: patient perspectives

Gillivan-Murphy P, Miller N, Carding P

Research and Reviews in Parkinsonism 2019, 9:29-42

Published Date: 3 July 2019

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