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Oncolytic Virotherapy

ISSN: 2253-1572

Archive: Volume 4, 2015

Oncolytic virotherapy using herpes simplex virus: how far have we come?

Sokolowski NAS, Rizos H, Diefenbach RJ

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:207-219

Published Date: 25 November 2015

Ultrasound-mediated oncolytic virus delivery and uptake for increased therapeutic efficacy: state of art

Nande R, Howard CM, Claudio PP

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:193-205

Published Date: 25 November 2015

Combining HDAC inhibitors with oncolytic virotherapy for cancer therapy

Nakashima H, Nguyen T, Chiocca EA

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:183-191

Published Date: 20 November 2015

Targeting tumor vasculature through oncolytic virotherapy: recent advances

Toro Bejarano M, Merchan JR

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:169-181

Published Date: 11 November 2015

Patient-derived mesenchymal stem cells as delivery vehicles for oncolytic virotherapy: novel state-of-the-art technology

Ramírez M, García-Castro J, Melen GJ, González-Murillo A, Franco-Luzón L

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:149-155

Published Date: 14 October 2015

Oncolytic Sendai virus-based virotherapy for cancer: recent advances

Saga K, Kaneda Y

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:141-147

Published Date: 1 October 2015

Oncolytic virotherapy for human malignant mesothelioma: recent advances

Boisgerault N, Achard C, Delaunay T, Cellerin L, Tangy F, Grégoire M, Fonteneau JF

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:133-140

Published Date: 10 September 2015

Characterization of an oncolytic adenovirus vector constructed to target the cMet receptor

Sakr HI, Coleman DT, Cardelli JA, Mathis JM

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:119-132

Published Date: 4 September 2015

Advances in the design and development of oncolytic measles viruses

Hutzen B, Raffel C, Studebaker AW

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:109-118

Published Date: 27 August 2015

Oncolytic virotherapy for head and neck cancer: current research and future developments

Malhotra A, Sendilnathan A, Old MO, Wise-Draper TM

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:83-93

Published Date: 20 July 2015

Promising oncolytic agents for metastatic breast cancer treatment

Cody JJ, Hurst DR

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:63-73

Published Date: 3 June 2015

Therapeutic potential of oncolytic Newcastle disease virus a critical review

Tayeb S, Zakay-Rones Z, Panet A

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:49-62

Published Date: 27 March 2015

Extended disease-free interval of 6 years in a recurrent glioblastoma multiforme patient treated with G207 oncolytic viral therapy

Whisenhunt Jr TR, Rajneesh KF, Hackney JR, Markert JM

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:33-38

Published Date: 30 January 2015

The emerging therapeutic potential of the oncolytic immunotherapeutic Pexa-Vec (JX-594)

Breitbach CJ, Bell JC, Hwang TH, Kirn DH, Burke J

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2015, 4:25-31

Published Date: 28 January 2015