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Oncolytic Virotherapy

Archive: Volume 2, 2013

Oncolytic herpes viruses, chemotherapeutics, and other cancer drugs

Braidwood L, Graham SV, Graham A, Conner J

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2013, 2:57-74

Published Date: 6 December 2013

Cell carriers for oncolytic viruses: current challenges and future directions

Roy DG, Bell JC

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2013, 2:47-56

Published Date: 10 October 2013

Oncolytic virus therapy for cancer

Goldufsky J, Sivendran S, Harcharik S, Pan M, Bernardo S, Stern RH, Friedlander P, Ruby CE, Saenger Y, Kaufman HL

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2013, 2:31-46

Published Date: 24 September 2013

Oncolytic virotherapy: the questions and the promise

Aurelian L

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2013, 2:19-29

Published Date: 4 June 2013

Histological evaluation of intratumoral myxoma virus treatment in an immunocompetent mouse model of melanoma

Doty RA, Liu J, McFadden G, Roy EJ, MacNeill AL

Oncolytic Virotherapy 2013, 2:1-17

Published Date: 14 January 2013