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Clinical Epidemiology

ISSN: 1179-1349

Archive: Volume 6, 2014

Sepsis in Canadian children: a national analysis using administrative data

Thompson GC, Kissoon N

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:461-469

Published Date: 5 December 2014

Aspirin overutilization for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease

VanWormer JJ, Miller AW, Rezkalla SH

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:433-440

Published Date: 1 December 2014

Long-term mortality in patients with pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis: a Danish nationwide cohort study

Christensen AS, Roed C, Andersen PH, Andersen AB, Obel N

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:405-421

Published Date: 13 November 2014

Utilizing national patient-register data to control for comorbidity in prognostic studies

Nilssen Y, Strand TE, Wiik R, Bakken IJ, Yu XQ, O’Connell DL, Møller B

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:395-404

Published Date: 24 October 2014

Polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis – epidemiology and management approaches

Oberle EJ, Harris JG, Verbsky JW

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:379-393

Published Date: 24 October 2014

Systemic AA amyloidosis: epidemiology, diagnosis, and management

Real de Asúa D, Costa R, Galván JM, Filigheddu MT, Trujillo D, Cadiñanos J

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:369-377

Published Date: 29 October 2014

Quality assessment of observational studies in a drug-safety systematic review, comparison of two tools: the Newcastle–Ottawa Scale and the RTI item bank

Margulis AV, Pladevall M, Riera-Guardia N, Varas-Lorenzo C, Hazell L, Berkman ND, Viswanathan M, Perez-Gutthann S

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:359-368

Published Date: 10 October 2014

Quality of venous thromboembolism diagnoses among prostate cancer patients in the Danish National Registry of Patients

Drljevic A, Borre M, Høyer M, Ehrenstein V, Nguyen-Nielsen M

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:351-357

Published Date: 4 October 2014

Relationship between physical performance and cognitive performance measures among community-dwelling older adults

Won HL, Singh DKA, Din NC, Badrasawi M, Manaf ZA, Tan ST, Tai CC, Shahar S

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:343-350

Published Date: 3 October 2014

Global prevalence and incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury

Singh A, Tetreault L, Kalsi-Ryan S, Nouri A, Fehlings MG

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:309-331

Published Date: 23 September 2014

The Danish Collaborative Bacteraemia Network (DACOBAN) database

Gradel KO, Schønheyder HC, Arpi M, Knudsen JD, Østergaard C, Søgaard M

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:301-308

Published Date: 18 September 2014

Chiang Mai University Health Worker Study aiming toward a better understanding of noncommunicable disease development in Thailand: methods and description of study population

Angkurawaranon C, Wisetborisut A, Jiraporncharoen W, Likhitsathian S, Uaphanthasath R, Gomutbutra P, Jiraniramai S, Lerssrimonkol C, Aramrattanna A, Doyle P, Nitsch D

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:277-286

Published Date: 13 August 2014

Epidemiology of human African trypanosomiasis

Franco JR, Simarro PP, Diarra A, Jannin JG

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:257-275

Published Date: 6 August 2014

The epidemiology of Sjögren’s syndrome

Patel R, Shahane A

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:247-255

Published Date: 30 July 2014

Existing data sources for clinical epidemiology: Danish Cancer in Primary Care cohort

Jensen H, Tørring ML, Larsen MB, Vedsted P

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:237-246

Published Date: 17 July 2014

Empirical comparison of four baseline covariate adjustment methods in analysis of continuous outcomes in randomized controlled trials

Zhang S, Paul J, Nantha-Aree M, Buckley N, Shahzad U, Cheng J, DeBeer J, Winemaker M, Wismer D, Punthakee D, Avram V, Thabane L

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:227-235

Published Date: 14 July 2014

Epidemiology of atrial fibrillation: European perspective

Zoni-Berisso M, Lercari F, Carazza T, Domenicucci S

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:213-220

Published Date: 16 June 2014

The Copenhagen Primary Care Differential Count (CopDiff) database

Andersen CL, Siersma VD, Karlslund W, Hasselbalch HC, Felding P, Bjerrum OW, de Fine Olivarius N

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:199-211

Published Date: 12 June 2014

Cryptococcal meningitis: epidemiology and therapeutic options

Sloan DJ, Parris V

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:169-182

Published Date: 13 May 2014

Epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis

Ready PD

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:147-154

Published Date: 3 May 2014

Cigarette smoking and colorectal cancer mortality among 602,242 Norwegian males and females

Parajuli R, Bjerkaas E, Tverdal A, Le Marchand L, Weiderpass E, Gram IT

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:137-145

Published Date: 7 April 2014

Existing data sources for clinical epidemiology: Aarhus University Clinical Trial Candidate Database, Denmark

Nørrelund H, Mazin W, Pedersen L

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:129-135

Published Date: 8 April 2014

Epidemiology of yaws: an update

Kazadi WM, Asiedu KB, Agana N, Mitjà O

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:119-128

Published Date: 2 April 2014

Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis: epidemiology and management

Matteelli A, Roggi A, Carvalho ACC

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:111-118

Published Date: 1 April 2014

Gallbladder cancer: epidemiology and outcome

Hundal R, Shaffer EA

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:99-109

Published Date: 7 March 2014

The epidemiology of eating disorders: genetic, environmental, and societal factors

Mitchison D, Hay PJ

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:89-97

Published Date: 17 February 2014

Self-reported knowledge and awareness about blood pressure and hypertension: a cross-sectional study of a random sample of men and women aged 60–74 years

Qvist I, Thomsen MD, Lindholt JS, Ibsen H, Hendriks JML, Frost L

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:81-87

Published Date: 15 February 2014

The epidemiology of irritable bowel syndrome

Canavan C, West J, Card T

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:71-80

Published Date: 4 February 2014

Patient-reported health as a prognostic factor for adverse events following percutaneous coronary intervention

Biering K, Bøtker HE, Niemann T, Hjollund NH

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:61-70

Published Date: 30 January 2014

Causal diagrams and the logic of matched case-control studies [Corrigendum]

Shahar E, Shahar DJ

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:59-60

Published Date: 22 January 2014

Clinical epidemiology of Alzheimer’s disease: assessing sex and gender differences

Mielke MM, Vemuri P, Rocca WA

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:37-48

Published Date: 8 January 2014

Registration of acute stroke: validity in the Danish Stroke Registry and the Danish National Registry of Patients

Wildenschild C, Mehnert F, Thomsen RW, Iversen HK, Vestergaard K, Ingeman A, Johnsen SP

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:27-36

Published Date: 23 December 2013

A prospective study of statin use and mortality among 67,385 blacks and whites in the Southeastern United States

Lipworth L, Fazio S, Kabagambe EK, Munro HM, Nwazue VC, Tarone RE, McLaughlin JK, Blot WJ, Sampson UKA

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:15-25

Published Date: 19 December 2013

Epidemiology, diagnosis, and management of polycystic ovary syndrome

Sirmans SM, Pate KA

Clinical Epidemiology 2014, 6:1-13

Published Date: 18 December 2013