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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine International

ISSN: 1179-2698

Call For Papers

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Paul Zhang, MD

Dear Colleague

The internet has revolutionized how people gain knowledge, search for information and communicate to each other in a way unprecedented in the history of human civilization. Open-access online journal has become a major alternative to conventional subscription-print based journal and has opened a door to free flow of modern knowledge and information to patients, healthcare professionals and academicians across globe instantly which cannot be rivalized by the subscription based publication model.  With the advantage of online open-access publication, the mission of the journal is to provide an effective channel for pathologists and medical investigators in the developed world to communicate to those in developing or emerging countries and therefore, to promote and proliferate modern knowledge, to close the gap between these two worlds in the field of pathology and ultimately to improve the quality of patient care globally.

Different from other pathology journals, PLMI has a broad coverage in innovative basic research, translational research and clinical or diagnostic related research in pathology or human disease to accommodate the need of investigators with very diverse interest and background.  Our Honorary Editorial Board is composed of most distinguish academicians with diverse specialty/subspecialty interest and geographic location in order to accomplish our mission and assure high quality of publication.

Open Access papers appearing in PLMI are available on the web at no charge to readers. To recover our editorial and production costs and continue to provide our content at no cost to readers we charge authors or their institution an article publishing charge.

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I thank you very much for visiting the website and look forward to hearing from you for your submission or any feedback/input to further improve the journal.

Yours sincerely
Paul J Zhang, MD
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine International

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