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Clinical Optometry

ISSN: 1179-2752

Archive: Volume 10, 2018

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Berry S, Ship V

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:129-130

Published Date: 11 December 2018

Comparing spectacle and toric contact lens prescribing trends for astigmatism

Chu BS, Boon MY, Noh DH

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:119-127

Published Date: 8 November 2018

Hypochlorous acid solution (Avenova®) is not demodicidal

Kabat AG

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:115-117

Published Date: 2 October 2018

Anterior segment optical coherence tomography angiography to evaluate the peripheral fitting of scleral contact lenses

Gimenez-Sanchis I, Palacios-Carmen B, García-Garrigós A, Cantó-Vañó J, Pérez-Ortega AJ, Piñero DP

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:103-108

Published Date: 4 September 2018

The effect of astigmatic axis on visual acuity measured with different alphabets in Roman alphabet readers

Serra PM, Cox MJ, Chisholm CM

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:93-102

Published Date: 6 August 2018

Visual performance of myopia control soft contact lenses in non-presbyopic myopes

Sha J, Tilia D, Diec J, Fedtke C, Yeotikar N, Jong M, Thomas V, Bakaraju RC

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:75-86

Published Date: 25 July 2018

Demodex blepharitis: clinical perspectives

Fromstein SR, Harthan JS, Patel J, Opitz DL

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:57-63

Published Date: 4 July 2018

Ocular dryness assessment in Saudi employees working indoors and outdoors

Fagehi R, Ghazal H, Alrabiah S, Abusharha A, Alanazi S, Alsaqr A, Masmali A

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:51-56

Published Date: 24 May 2018

A 5-year retrospective record review of hospital-based low-vision rehabilitation in Thailand

Chotikavanich S, Chanvarapha N, Loket S, Yingyong R, Dongngam S, Nujoi W, Sangsre P, Maneephagaphan K, Rungsiri K, Krutthong W

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:41-50

Published Date: 15 May 2018

Investigating the effect of eye cosmetics on the tear film: current insights

Wang MT, Craig JP

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:33-40

Published Date: 3 April 2018

Spotlight on fundus autofluorescence

Calvo-Maroto AM, Cerviño A

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:25-32

Published Date: 27 March 2018

The prevalence of strabismus types in strabismic Iranian patients

Khorrami-Nejad M, Akbari MR, Khosravi B

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:19-24

Published Date: 19 February 2018

Effects of relative negative spherical aberration in single vision contact lens visual performance

Kho D, Fedtke C, Tilia D, Diec J, Sha J, Thomas V, Bakaraju RC

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:9-17

Published Date: 11 January 2018

Evaluation of binocular function among pre- and early-presbyopes with asthenopia

Reindel W, Zhang L, Chinn J, Rah M

Clinical Optometry 2018, 10:1-8

Published Date: 4 January 2018