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Clinical Optometry

ISSN: 1179-2752

Archive: Volume 6, 2014

Visual fields in a chloroquine treatment

García-Domene MC, Díez-Ajenjo MA, de Fez MD, Luque MJ

Clinical Optometry 2014, 6:59-70

Published Date: 30 September 2014

Visual performance and aberration associated with contact lens wear in patients with keratoconus: a pilot study

Abdu M, Mohidin N, Mohd-Ali B

Clinical Optometry 2014, 6:47-57

Published Date: 16 August 2014

Differences in daily disposable circle lens performance characteristics

Schafer JM, Reindel WT, Rah MJ, Chan O, Zhang L

Clinical Optometry 2014, 6:37-42

Published Date: 3 April 2014

A survey of optometrists' ophthalmic medication prescribing

Gonzalez AL, Bennett N, Lakhani R

Clinical Optometry 2014, 6:11-15

Published Date: 5 March 2014

A twelve quarter quantitative analysis of ophthalmic drugs prescription-writing by optometrists in the United States

Gonzalez AL, Lakhani R, Bennett N, De Paz C

Clinical Optometry 2014, 6:5-10

Published Date: 3 March 2014

Stellate figure in the macula: visualization in the Henle fiber layer on optical coherence tomography

Makino S, Watanabe M, Tampo H

Clinical Optometry 2014, 6:1-3

Published Date: 15 January 2014