Guide to submission status indicators

Code   Stage      Notes
 1a Unevaluated new submission   Manuscript has been received. Initial compliance checks in progress.
 1aa Revised submission recheck   Files have been received for compliance recheck.
 1ab Editorial Checks   Manuscript has moved to editorial check.
 1da Waiting for third party billing information   As stated
 1e Awaiting evaluation   Initial checks of the manuscript have highlighted queries to check with the author.
 1ec Awaiting co-author email addresses   Awaiting all co-author email addresses to be supplied, and sometimes a missing file.
 1ed Awaiting terms of publication   Awaiting main author to complete the Terms of Publication agreement.
 1ee Awaiting evaluation   Initial checks of the manuscript have highlighted queries to check with the author and/or Editor in Chief.
 1ef Awaiting COI   Awaiting all author Conflict of Interest forms to be supplied.
 1f Peer Review selection in process   As stated
 2a Peer review invitations sent   Peer reviewers have been invited and asked to respond rapidly.
 2b First peer reviewer allocated   The first peer reviewer has accepted to conduct a review of the paper.
 2c Two or more peer reviewers allocated   Multiple peer reviewers have accepted to undertake the review.
 2d First report returned   The first peer-review report has been received by our Editorial offices.
 2e Second or more peer reviewer reports returned   As stated.
 2f New reviewer(s) required   If insufficient reviewer comments are received or if the comments are inconclusive additional peer reviewers will be identified.
 2fx In-house Editorial   Manuscript is with Dove in-house Editorial staff for Editor-in-Chief's attention.
 2g Report sent to Editor-in-Chief   Peer reviewer comments are sent to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.
 3a Report: Accept   The Editor-in-Chief decides that the paper, as presented, is acceptable for publication.
 3b Report: Revise with changes   The Editor-in-Chief decides that the paper requires some changes or clarifications before it can be accepted for publication.
 3cx Report: Pending   The author is being contacted about the Editor-in-Chief's decision.
 3d Manuscript polishing needed   The Editor-in-Chief or Author(s) have requested that the English be improved before the manuscript can be progressed further.
 4a Resubmission pending   Dove Editorial has communicated the Editor-in-Chief's decision to the author(s) and Dove is awaiting a revised and/or resubmitted manuscript.
 4b Resubmitted manuscript received   Revised manuscript received by the Dove Editorial offices.
 4bc COI’s required (Revised manuscript received)   Conflict of Interest forms are still to be received for at least one of the authors of the paper.
 4bd Processing Revised Manuscript   Corrected revised manuscript has been submitted and is now being processed.
 4c Sent to Editor-in-Chief for acceptance or rejection   Revised manuscript sent to Editor-in-Chief for review of revisions and any decision to accept.
 4cr Peer Reviewer(s) second round   Editor-in-Chief has requested original reviewers to re review revised manuscript and authors responses.
 4cx Peer Reviewer(s) second round completed   Revised manuscript and second round reviewer comments sent to Editor-in-Chief for final decision.
 4d Awaiting author/peer reviewer confirmation   Query regarding revised manuscript, which has been received.
 4e Awaiting publisher decision   Dove Editorial is discussing the final decision with the Editor-in-Chief.
5a/5ab Final decision confirmation pending   The manuscript is provisionally accepted for publication pending Dove Editorial review. Invoice to follow for submissions subject to article publishing charge.
 5b Invoice sent   Dove Editorial has sent an invoice for payment of the Publication Processing Fee to the author(s).
 5c Payment has been received   As stated
 5f Sent for pre-edit   Manuscript has been sent to typesetter for pre-edit.
 5d Pre-press/In preparation   Manuscript is being copy edited.
 5g Editing enquiry    Paper is on hold awaiting further information.
 6a Manuscript sent to typesetting   Manuscript is with the typesetter for first proof creation or updates to the proof.
 6at First proof created   Paper has been returned to the editorial team for first proof revision.
 6ax Return from Typesetter   The manuscript has been returned from the typesetter.
 6b Proofs sent to author   Typeset page proofs are sent to the author(s) for approval or correction.
 6bx Author returned cor   The author has returned their corrections.
 6e Author approval   Page proofs must be approved in writing by the author. At this point the manuscript is ready for publication.
 6ex Sent to Typesetter for page numbering   The manuscript is sent for page numbering at the Typesetter.
 6ey Received from Typesetter after page numbering   The manuscript has been returned from the Typesetter with page numbers.
 7d Online final version is published   Typeset Manuscript is published online.
 7e File is converted to XML format for use by PubMed   Dove Editorial commissions the conversion of papers for supply to PubMed.
 7ex XML conversion Batch Sent   Dove Editorial sends the paper to PubMed for indexing.
 7ey XML conversion PubMed   The published manuscript is indexed on PubMed.
 7f Archive of manuscript   Manuscript is archived. All typesetting files, and published versions are archived.
 7g The paper has been withdrawn   The author has withdraw the paper. The Editor may be in communication with the author, if this is the case please contact Dove Press for an update.
 7h Rejected by publisher   The manuscript has been rejected for publication.
 7i Publisher report pending   The author is being contacted about the Editor-in-Chief's final decision.
 7j Re submission     Awaiting response from author.

Updated 5 August 2020