Manuscript preparation

  • While the editors fully understand the extra challenges posed to authors whose native language is not English, we must ask that all manuscripts be reviewed and edited by a native speaker of English with expertise in that area prior to submission
  • Double-spacing
  • 3-cm margins
  • Page numbers
  • Line numbers
  • Clear concise language
  • American spelling (all components of a manuscript must be in English)
  • Ensure tables and figures are cited
  • Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format
  • Use International Systems of Units (SI) symbols and recognized abbreviations for units of measurement
  • Do not punctuate abbreviations eg, et al, ie
  • Spell out acronyms in the first instance in the abstract and paper
  • Word counts are not specified. In general, shorter items range from 1000 to 3000 words and reviews from 3000 to 7,500
  • Generic drug names are used in title, text, tables, and figures
  • Suppliers of drugs, equipment, and other brand-name material are credited in parentheses (company, name, city, state, country)
  • If molecular sequences are used, provide a statement that the data have been deposited in a publicly accessible database, eg, GenBank, and indicate the database accession number
  • Depositing laboratory protocols on is encouraged, where a DOI can be assigned to the protocol. To include a link to a protocol in your manuscript:
    1) Describe your step-by-step protocol on 
    2) Select "Get DOI" to issue your protocol with a unique DOI (digital object identifier)
    3) Include the DOI link in the Methods section of your manuscript using the format provided by (where xxxxxxx is the unique DOI)
    At this stage, your protocol is only visible to those with the link. This allows editors and reviewers to consult your protocol when evaluating the manuscript. You can make your protocols public at any time by selecting "Publish" on the website. Any referenced protocols will automatically be made public when your article is published.

Updated 28 September 2021