Invited reviews



We operate a programme that commissions reviews from leading authors around the world and across a range of subjects. We invite the submission of reviews on a particular topic and, in some instances, will even suggest a structure for the review that the authors should follow when writing their review.

Publication processing fee

These invited reviews are submitted in the normal way via our website and are exempted from paying any publication processing fee.

Editorial decision-making

Our long-standing policy has been not to let editorial decision-makers know which papers are invited and which are submitted spontaneously. Our view has always been that editorial decision-makers should not have their view clouded either for or against a paper simply because it has been invited. Good papers should be accepted and bad papers rejected irrespective of their source. As a result some invited reviews will be rejected.

Manuscripts are subject to same checks as all other manuscripts

All invited reviews that come to us are subject to all the same checks that every paper goes through. These are:

  • Authors and their affiliations are checked;
  • Conflicts of Interest information is sought for all authors;
  • CrossCheck antiplagiarism software is used to check for re-use of materials;
  • Most journals do not consider meta-analyses for publication any longer, so please check before preparing this type of paper for submission as it will likely be turned away;
  • External peer-review with a minimum of two comprehensive sets of narrative comments and two numerical scores are required;
  • The editorial decision-maker, often the Editor-in-Chief, will review the submitted manuscript, peer-reviewer comments and scores, and Conflict of Interest declarations before making their first editorial decision; 
  • Dove Medical Press works hard to ensure the integrity of all published articles. To prevent bias, our policy is for editorial decision-makers to be unaware if a paper is an invited review or not. The decision will be based solely on the outcome of peer review, and we cannot guarantee acceptance of any article. 

After first editorial review

Many manuscripts will require to be modified in order to address points raised by peer-reviewers or suggested by editorial decision-makers. It is not a case of having to address all the points raised. Rather we require that the author provide us with a revised manuscript and a point-by-point response to the points raised. If authors disagree with individual points or feel that they are misguided they should detail this in their point-by-point response.

The editorial decision-maker who reviewed the submission at first editorial review will subsequently receive the revised manuscript and the point-by-point covering letter and make a decision. This may be to reject the paper, return it to peer-reviewers for further consideration, or return it to the author directly for further points to be addressed. They may also make the decision to accept the paper for publication.

Updated 20 January 2021