Graphical Abstracts


Graphical Abstracts should be representative of the content of the text Abstract. Just as the Abstract must not introduce information not contained in the body of the paper, the Graphical Abstract should not contain new information or data not included in the body of the paper.

Graphical abstracts should not be a duplication of any figure already included in the paper.

Graphical Abstracts do not have a title, a caption or a note section, so should be completely self-explanatory.

Graphical Abstracts should take up no more than one third of an A4 page.

Before you submit any figures for the Graphical Abstract, please check this list to ensure your files meet our criteria:

  • Files are provided in our required file formats, .jpg or .tif (see the ‘Preparation’ section)
  • If your file is not in .jpg or .tif or please convert to the accepted file type that allows the highest quality
  • Artwork is of high quality (correct resolution, not blurred, stretched or pixelated)
  • Image size: width should be 2500px or less
  • One file provided per Graphical Abstract
  • White space and unnecessary elements removed
  • All text is in English and contains no spelling or grammar errors
  • All fonts used are embedded and are the journal’s standard font style - Arial or Symbol
  • Font size is consistent
  • Lines are a minimum of 0.3pt
  • Images do not contain any layers, or transparent objects
  • Files are named using the naming convention ([manuscript ID] Graphical Abstract [number])
  • Files are provided separate from the manuscript file
  • Graphics downloaded from web pages are not acceptable.
  • No copyrighted material can be used for Graphical Abstracts

Updated 11 August 2023