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Papers published by Dr Utkarsh Ojha:

Role of AYUSH Therapies in Modern Medicine: A Qualitative Study to Explore the Awareness and Attitudes of Doctors Towards the Utilization of Alternate System of Medicine for Diabetes Mellitus

Ojha A, Ojha U, Ojha H, Chandrashekar A, Mohammed R, Trivedi R, Ugaonkar S, Desai M, Sreevidya R, Sahu P

International Journal of General Medicine 2020, 13:1-8

Published Date: 13 January 2020

What are the links between hypoxia and Alzheimer’s disease?

Lall R, Mohammed R, Ojha U

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2019, 15:1343-1354

Published Date: 21 May 2019

How the discovery of rituximab impacted the treatment of B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas

Mohammed R, Milne A, Kayani K, Ojha U

Journal of Blood Medicine 2019, 10:71-84

Published Date: 27 February 2019

Disruption in the diabetic device care market

Ojha U, Mohammed R

Medical Devices: Evidence and Research 2018, 11:51-56

Published Date: 2 February 2018

Should there be greater exposure to interventional radiology in the undergraduate curriculum?

Ojha U, Mohammed R, Vivekanantham S

Advances in Medical Education and Practice 2017, 8:791-795

Published Date: 11 December 2017

Medical student involvement in health policy roles

Malik B, Ojha U, Khan H, Begum F, Khan H, Malik Q

Advances in Medical Education and Practice 2017, 8:735-743

Published Date: 6 November 2017

Student-led widening access schemes

Ojha U, Patel S

Advances in Medical Education and Practice 2017, 8:581-585

Published Date: 9 August 2017