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Papers published by Dr Eric Donnenfeld:

Considerations for the Identification and Management of Geographic Atrophy: Recommendations from an Expert Panel

Regillo CD, Nijm LM, Shechtman DL, Kaiser PK, Karpecki PM, Ryan EH, Ip MS, Yeu E, Kim T, Rafieetary MR, Donnenfeld ED

Clinical Ophthalmology 2024, 18:325-335

Published Date: 2 February 2024

Delphi Panel Consensus Regarding Current Clinical Practice Management Options for Demodex blepharitis

Farid M, Ayres BD, Donnenfeld E, Gaddie IB, Gupta PK, Holland E, Lindstrom R, Pflugfelder SC, Karpecki PM, Nichols KK, Starr CE, Yeu E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2023, 17:667-679

Published Date: 27 February 2023

Reduction of Artificial Tears and Use of Adjunctive Dry Eye Therapies After Lifitegrast Treatment: Evidence from Clinical and Real-World Studies

Nichols KK, Donnenfeld ED, Lau C, Syntosi A, Karpecki P, Hovanesian JA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:909-916

Published Date: 25 March 2022

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: A Dermatological Perspective on Pathogenesis and Treatment Outlook

Gupta PK, Periman LM, Lain E, Donnenfeld E, Hovanesian J, Kim T, Trattler W, Yeu E, Holland E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:4399-4404

Published Date: 9 November 2021

Presbyopia – A Review of Current Treatment Options and Emerging Therapies

Katz JA, Karpecki PM, Dorca A, Chiva-Razavi S, Floyd H, Barnes E, Wuttke M, Donnenfeld E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:2167-2178

Published Date: 24 May 2021

The Effect of Lifitegrast on Refractive Accuracy and Symptoms in Dry Eye Patients Undergoing Cataract Surgery

Hovanesian J, Epitropoulos A, Donnenfeld ED, Holladay JT

Clinical Ophthalmology 2020, 14:2709-2716

Published Date: 16 September 2020

Evaluating Rotational Stability of an Extended Depth of Focus Toric Intraocular Lens Using a Slit Lamp and Image-Based Analysis

Sandoval HP, Lane S, Slade S, Donnenfeld ED, Potvin R, Solomon KD

Clinical Ophthalmology 2020, 14:2405-2410

Published Date: 21 August 2020

Defocus Curve and Patient Satisfaction with a New Extended Depth of Focus Toric Intraocular Lens Targeted for Binocular Emmetropia or Slight Myopia in the Non-Dominant Eye

Sandoval HP, Lane S, Slade SG, Donnenfeld ED, Potvin R, Solomon KD

Clinical Ophthalmology 2020, 14:1791-1798

Published Date: 26 June 2020

Influence of bacterial burden on meibomian gland dysfunction and ocular surface disease

Nattis A, Perry HD, Rosenberg ED, Donnenfeld ED

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1225-1234

Published Date: 12 July 2019

Six months' treatment with lifitegrast in patients with moderate-to-severe symptomatic dry eye: a retrospective chart review

Atallah RT, Castanos MV, Najac R, Donnenfeld E

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1033-1037

Published Date: 19 June 2019

Visual outcomes, efficacy, and surgical complications associated with intracameral phenylephrine 1.0%/ketorolac 0.3% administered during cataract surgery

Rosenberg ED, Nattis AS, Alevi D, Chu RL, Bacotti J, LoPinto RJ, D'Aversa G, Donnenfeld ED

Clinical Ophthalmology 2018, 12:21-28

Published Date: 21 December 2017

The Prospective Health Assessment of Cataract Patients’ Ocular Surface (PHACO) study: the effect of dry eye

Trattler WB, Majmudar PA, Donnenfeld ED, McDonald MB, Stonecipher KG, Goldberg DF

Clinical Ophthalmology 2017, 11:1423-1430

Published Date: 7 August 2017

Efficacy of two trabecular micro-bypass stents combined with topical travoprost in open-angle glaucoma not controlled on two preoperative medications: 3-year follow-up

Chang DF, Donnenfeld ED, Katz LJ, Voskanyan L, Ahmed IIK, Samuelson TW, Giamporcaro JE, Hornbeak DM, Solomon KD

Clinical Ophthalmology 2017, 11:523-528

Published Date: 15 March 2017

A prospective 3-year follow-up trial of implantation of two trabecular microbypass stents in open-angle glaucoma

Donnenfeld ED, Solomon KD, Voskanyan L, Chang DF, Samuelson TW, Ahmed II, Katz LJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:2057-2065

Published Date: 3 November 2015

PERSIST: Physician's Evaluation of Restasis® Satisfaction in Second Trial of topical cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion 0.05% for dry eye: a retrospective review

Mah F, Milner M, Yiu S, Donnenfeld E, Conway TM, Hollander DA

Clinical Ophthalmology 2012, 6:1971-1976

Published Date: 28 November 2012

Methicillin resistance of Staphylococcus species among health care and nonhealth care workers undergoing cataract surgery

Randall Olson, Eric Donnenfeld, Frank A Bucci Jr, et al

Clinical Ophthalmology 2010, 4:1505-1514

Published Date: 10 December 2010