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Pragmatic and Observational Research

ISSN: 1179-7266

Archive: Volume 11, 2020

Acceptability of Vaccination Against COVID-19 Among Healthcare Workers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kabamba Nzaji M, Kabamba Ngombe L, Ngoie Mwamba G, Banza Ndala DB, Mbidi Miema J, Luhata Lungoyo C, Lora Mwimba B, Cikomola Mwana Bene A, Mukamba Musenga E

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:103-109

Published Date: 29 October 2020

Patients with Sore Throat: A Survey of Self-Management and Healthcare-Seeking Behavior in 13 Countries Worldwide

van der Velden AW, Sessa A, Altiner A, Pignatari ACC, Shephard A

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:91-102

Published Date: 10 September 2020

The CHRONICLE Study of US Adults with Subspecialist-Treated Severe Asthma: Objectives, Design, and Initial Results

Ambrose CS, Chipps BE, Moore WC, Soong W, Trevor J, Ledford DK, Carr WW, Lugogo N, Trudo F, Tran TN, Panettieri RA Jr

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:77-90

Published Date: 16 July 2020

CPAP Therapeutic Options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Hooper RG

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:67-76

Published Date: 13 July 2020

Adequacy of Therapy for People with Both COPD and Heart Failure in the UK: Historical Cohort Study

Kostikas K, Rhee CK, Hurst JR, Agostoni P, Cao H, Fogel R, Jones R, Kocks JWH, Mezzi K, Wan Yau Ming S, Ryan R, Price DB

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:55-66

Published Date: 2 June 2020

Reliability of Conclusions from Early Analyses of Real-World Data for Newly Approved Drugs in Advanced Gastric Cancer in the United States

Hess LM, Grabner M, Wang L, Liepa AM, Li XI, Cui ZL, Bowman L, Schelman WR

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:27-43

Published Date: 30 April 2020

Using Medicare Claims to Identify Acute Clinical Events Following Implantation of Leadless Pacemakers

Wherry K, Stromberg K, Hinnenthal JA, Wallenfelsz LA, El-Chami MF, Bockstedt L

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:19-26

Published Date: 28 February 2020

Rate of Significant Endometrial Pathology in Women at Low Risk for Endometrial Hyperplasia or Cancer Presenting with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Sattanakho P, Kleebkaow P, Sangkomkumhang U, Booranabunyat S, Buppasiri P

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:13-18

Published Date: 11 February 2020

Patient, Rheumatologist and Therapist Perspectives on the Implementation of an Allied Health Rheumatology Triage (AHRT) Initiative in Ontario Rheumatology Clinics

Fullerton LM, Brooks S, Sweezie R, Ahluwalia V, Bombardier C, Gagliardi AR

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:1-12

Published Date: 28 January 2020