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Patient Related Outcome Measures

Call For Papers

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Liana Castel

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Call for Papers: Thematic Series on “Veterans and military patient-related health outcomes”

Dove Medical Press is pleased to invite you to submit your work to an upcoming Thematic Series on “Veterans and military patient-related health outcomes” in Patient Related Outcome Measures.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is April 30th, 2018.

Please submit your work directly to Patient Related Outcome Measures using the Thematic Series fee waiver code PROMT. Please state in your cover letter that you wish your manuscript to be considered for the Thematic Series on “Veterans and military patient-related health outcomes”; or please send a pre-submission enquiry to Deborah Tranter, Journal Development Editor at

About the Thematic Series

Modern medicine and scientific research owe a special debt to the care and well-being of service personnel who endure sometimes multiple deployments in times of war and conflict. The intense nature of violent conflict puts these populations at high risk for both acute and chronic adverse patient-related physical and mental health outcomes affecting long-term coping and functioning.

Some areas of interest include patient-related outcomes associated with:


  1. non-drug PTSD treatments (including EFT, EMDR, mindfulness, exercise prescription)
  2. use of buprenorphine or other strategies for opioid dependence / addiction in this population.


The journal Editors are seeking original research and review article submissions for an upcoming Thematic Series on “Veterans and military patient-related health outcomes”.

Research studies to identify and measure clinically relevant outcomes cross-sectionally and longitudinally, as well as studies to identify the effectiveness of interventions to improve patient-related outcomes in this population are welcomed. Authors should follow the reporting guidelines on EQUATOR network appropriate for their study design.

What is the advantage to you of publishing in Patient Related Outcome Measures?

  • It is an open access journal which means that your paper is available to anyone in the world to download for free directly from the Dove website.
  • Unlike many traditional journals, your paper will not be rejected due to lack of space. We are an electronic journal and there are no limits on the number or size of the papers we can publish.
  • The time from submission to a decision being made on a paper can, in many journals, take some months and this is very frustrating for authors. Patient Related Outcome Measures has a quicker turnaround time than this. Generally peer review is complete within 4-7 weeks and the editor’s decision within 2-14 days of this. It is therefore very rare to have to wait more than 9 weeks for a final decision.
  • Many authors have found that our peer reviewer’s comments substantially add to their final papers.

To recover our editorial and production costs and continue to provide our content at no cost to readers we charge authors or their institution a publication processing fee.

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Patient Related Outcome Measures is indexed on PubMed Central (title abbreviation: Patient Relat Outcome Meas). All published papers in this journal are submitted to PubMed for indexing straight away.

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Patient Related Outcome Measures

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