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Papers published by Mr Saiful Miah:

UK medical students’ perceptions, attitudes, and interest toward medical leadership and clinician managers

Rouhani MJ, Burleigh EJ, Hobbis C, Dunford C, Osman NI, Gan C, Gibbons NB, Ahmed HU, Miah S

Advances in Medical Education and Practice 2018, 9:119-124

Published Date: 16 February 2018

Renal colic and childbirth pain: female experience versus male perception

Miah S, Gunner C, Clayton L, Venugopal S, Boucher NR, Parys B

Journal of Pain Research 2017, 10:1553-1554

Published Date: 5 July 2017

What factors influence UK medical students’ choice of foundation school?

Miah S, Pang KH, Rebello W, Rubakumar Z, Fung V, Venugopal S, Begum H

Advances in Medical Education and Practice 2017, 8:293-297

Published Date: 20 April 2017