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Papers published by Professor John Bartlett:

Do Women Enrolled in PMTCT Understand the Recommendations: A Case Study from Kilimanjaro

Philemon RN, Mmbaga BT, Bartlett J, Renju J, Mtuy T, Mboya IB, Msuya SE

Patient Preference and Adherence 2021, 15:1301-1309

Published Date: 16 June 2021

Comparison of Predicted Cardiovascular Risk Profiles by Different CVD Risk-Scoring Algorithms between HIV-1-Infected and Uninfected Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study in Tanzania

Msoka T, Rogath J, Van Guilder G, Kapanda G, Smulders Y, Tutu van Furth M, Bartlett J, van Agtmael M

HIV/AIDS - Research and Palliative Care 2021, 13:605-615

Published Date: 3 June 2021

Prevalence of Multidrug Resistant UTI Among People Living with HIV in Northern Tanzania

Ngowi BN, Sunguya B, Herman A, Chacha A, Maro E, Rugarabamu LF, Bartlett J, Balandya E, Mteta KA, Mmbaga BT

Infection and Drug Resistance 2021, 14:1623-1633

Published Date: 22 April 2021

Does Antiretroviral Therapy Packaging Matter? Perceptions and Preferences of Antiretroviral Therapy Packaging for People Living with HIV in Northern Tanzania

Muiruri C, Jazowski SA, Semvua SK, Karia FP, Knettel BA, Zullig LL, Ramadhani HO, Mmbaga BT, Bartlett JA, Bosworth HB

Patient Preference and Adherence 2020, 14:153-161

Published Date: 23 January 2020