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Infection and Drug Resistance

ISSN: 1178-6973

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Suresh Antony

An international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on the optimal treatment of infection (bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic) and the development and institution of preventative strategies to minimize the development and spread of resistance. 

This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


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Latest articles:

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Clinical Characteristics of Enterococcus-Associated Peritonitis in Patients with Peritoneal Dialysis

Ni J, Zhou L, Wang H, Yu J, Tong M, Yu D

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:3399-3405

Published Date: 30 May 2023

Influence of Appropriate Empirical Antibiotic Treatment on the Prognosis of ICU Patients with HAP Caused by Carbapenem-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria

Zhang X, Jin X, Ren J, Liu J, Ma H, Fang X, Zhang H, Zhao Y, Hou Y, Luo Y, Guo L, Ma Q, Gao Y, Zhang J, Li J, Wang X, Wang G

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:3389-3398

Published Date: 30 May 2023

Genomic Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles of Clostridioides difficile from Multi-Hospitals in a City in Eastern China

Shu C, Zhou J, Yu H, Fu W, Shen J, Liang L, Zheng L, Mao L, Fu X, Lv T, Chen Y

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:3379-3388

Published Date: 30 May 2023

Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome and Associated Factors Among Tuberculosis Patients Linked to Tuberculosis Treatment Clinics in Ethiopia, 2023: A Multi-Center Retrospective Study

Berhan A, Almaw A, Solomon Y, Legese B, Damtie S, Erkihun M, Alebachew Z, Eyayu T, Abeje G, Getie B

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:3367-3378

Published Date: 30 May 2023

Comparative Analysis on Clinical Characteristics Among Patients with Acute Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) and Patients with Acute Hepatitis E Virus (HEV): A Single-Center Retrospective Study from Bulgaria

Baymakova M, Kunchev M, Mihaylova-Garnizova R, Zasheva A, Plochev K, Kundurzhiev T, Tsachev I

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:3349-3366

Published Date: 29 May 2023

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