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Papers published by Professor Yi Li:

Ceftazidime-Avibactam Combination Therapy versus Monotherapy for the Treatment Carbapenem-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections: A Retrospective Observational Study

Li K, Li D, Dong H, Ren D, Gong D, Wang S, Li Y, Wu Y, Yang J, Yan W, Li Y

Infection and Drug Resistance 2024, 17:1281-1289

Published Date: 29 March 2024

Risk Factors and Outcomes for Isolation with Polymyxin B-Resistant Enterobacterales from 2018–2022: A Case-Control Study

Yan W, Wu J, Wang S, Zhang Q, Yuan Y, Jing N, Zhang J, He H, Li Y

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:7809-7817

Published Date: 22 December 2023

Microbiological Analysis and Mortality Risk Factors in Patients with Polymicrobial Bloodstream Infections

Xu J, Yuan Y, Wang B, Zhang Q, Wang J, Wang S, Li Y, Yan W

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:3917-3927

Published Date: 20 June 2023

Evaluation of Commercial Products for Colistin and Polymyxin B Susceptibility Testing for mcr-Positive and Negative Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in China

Zhang Q, Yan W, Zhu Y, Jing N, Wang S, Yuan Y, Ma B, Xu J, Chu Y, Zhang J, Ma Q, Wang B, Xu W, Zhu L, Sun Y, Shi C, Fang J, Li Y, Liu S

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:1171-1181

Published Date: 27 February 2023

Prevalence and Genetic Diversity of Clostridium perfringens Isolates in Hospitalized Diarrheal Patients from Central China

Wang B, Dong W, Ma L, Dong Y, Wang S, Yuan Y, Ma Q, Xu J, Yan W, Nan J, Zhang Q, Xu W, Ma B, Chu Y, Zhang J, Li L, Li Y

Infection and Drug Resistance 2021, 14:4783-4793

Published Date: 15 November 2021

Molecular Mechanism of Polymyxin Resistance in Multidrug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli Isolates from Henan Province, China: A Multicenter Study

Yan W, Zhang Q, Zhu Y, Jing N, Yuan Y, Zhang Y, Ren S, Hu D, Zhao W, Zhang X, Shi C, Wang M, Li Y

Infection and Drug Resistance 2021, 14:2657-2666

Published Date: 12 July 2021

Ceftazidime-Avibactam Resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae Sequence Type 11 Due to a Mutation in Plasmid-Borne blakpc-2 to blakpc-33, in Henan, China

Li D, Li K, Dong H, Ren D, Gong D, Jiang F, Shi C, Li J, Zhang Q, Yan W, Li Y

Infection and Drug Resistance 2021, 14:1725-1731

Published Date: 10 May 2021

Risk Factors for Mortality of Inpatients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bacteremia in China: Impact of Resistance Profile in the Mortality

Zhang Y, Li Y, Zeng J, Chang Y, Han S, Zhao J, Fan Y, Xiong Z, Zou X, Wang C, Li B, Li H, Han J, Liu X, Xia Y, Lu B, Cao B

Infection and Drug Resistance 2020, 13:4115-4123

Published Date: 12 November 2020

Long-Term Continuous Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Among Nosocomial Gram-Negative Bacilli in China from 2010 to 2018 (CMSS)

Wang Q, Wang Z, Zhang F, Zhao C, Yang B, Sun Z, Mei Y, Zhao F, Liao K, Guo D, Xu X, Sun H, Hu Z, Chu Y, Li Y, Ji P, Wang H

Infection and Drug Resistance 2020, 13:2617-2629

Published Date: 28 July 2020

Risk Factors for Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Bloodstream Infections and Outcomes

Yuan Y, Wang J, Yao Z, Ma B, Li Y, Yan W, Wang S, Ma Q, Zhang J, Xu J, Li L, Wang Y, Fan E

Infection and Drug Resistance 2020, 13:207-215

Published Date: 22 January 2020