Clinical Epidemiology publishes new supplement on The Danish national type 2 diabetes cohort (DD2) study


Supplement on The Danish national type 2 diabetes cohort (DD2 study) was published by Dove Medical Press in Clinical Epidemiology.

The supplement describes the rationale, design, and implementation of the establishment of a large cohort of all Danes with type 2 diabetes (the DD2 study) and of a biobank to bridge the scientific disciplines of epidemiology, clinical medicine, genetics, epigenetics, and pharmacology.

According to supplement authors, "This will most likely result in great benefits for the application of evidence-based medicine to the care of, and improved outcomes for, Danish type 2 diabetes patients."

In conjunction with the supplement, Clinical Epidemiology offers timely, exclusive online content. With article processing taking only 13 days from submission of manuscript to first editorial decsion, including peer review, Clinical Epidemiology offers published research to readers in real time.

Clinical Epidemilogy is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on disease and drug epidemiology, identification of risk and prognostic factors and screening procedures to develop optimal clinical preventative initiatives, diagnosis and treatment.

Journal Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Henrik Toft Sørensen, is a specialist in internal medicine and hepatology. Trained at several major Danish hospitals, he acted as a full-time clinician until 1994 and part time until 2003. Dr. Sørensen has conducted research on several epidemiological topics, in particular within clinical epidemiology. His main research interest areas are: a) Determinants for prognosis of severe diseases, in particular venous thromboembolism, gastrointestinal diseases and cancer; and b) Observational studies of outcome and safety of medical interventions, in particular drugs and procedures.

Henrik Toft Sørensen is professor of clinical epidemiology and is founder of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at Aarhus University, Denmark, which was established in 2000. Henrik Toft Sørensen is head of the department and has since 2004 been adjunct professor of epidemiology at Boston University and visiting professor at Dartmouth Medical School since 1999.

Over the last decade Dr. Sørensen has built up several large databases and cohorts available for epidemiological research. He has extensive experience in projects carried out as part of EU or NIH programmes in collaboration with researchers from, among others, the US, Sweden, Norway Thailand and France.

Dove Medical Press was established in 2003 and currently has 126+ journals. Dove Press has published over 10,000 papers in the broad spectrum of science, technology and medicine.

Updated 23 July 2014