Michael Ueberall, MD, appointed Associate Editor, Journal of Pain Research


Dove Medical Press is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Ueberall, MD, as a new Associate Editor of the Journal of Pain Research. Over the past three decades, Dr. Ueberall, who is affiliated with the Institute of Neurological Sciences (Nuremberg, Germany), has been one of the most relevant and prolific pain researchers in Europe, publishing close to 200 peer-reviewed articles and invited textbook chapters.

The journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Michael Schatman, commented: “Bringing as prestigious and capable a scientist as Dr. Ueberall onto an already strong team of Associate Editors will undoubtedly result in the continued growth of the journal’s overall quality, in addition to increasing the journal’s presence in Europe, where he has been established as a thought-leader in pain medicine for many years. We are thrilled to have him aboard”.

The appointment of Dr. Ueberall coincides with the release of the new Scopus CiteScore™ for 2017, which shows that the Journal of Pain Research now ranks 11th out of 121 journals in the combined area of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Dr. Schatman continued “We are excited regarding this high ranking, placing us ahead of many older, pain society-based journals. That we ranked 11th is deceptive, in that several of the journals that are ranked ahead of the Journal of Pain Research are anesthesiology rather than pain journals”. Dr. Schatman attributed this growth in part to the Journal of Pain Research’s open access format and rapid turnaround time, noting that authors are becoming progressively more frustrated by having to wait over a year in many cases to see their manuscripts in print.

Notes to Editors
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Updated 18 June 2018