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Current Perspectives of Chronic Stress: from Neurobiology to Treatment

A stressful situation – whether environmental, such as a looming work deadline, or psychological, such as persistent worry about losing a job – can trigger a cascade of stress-related neurotransmitter and hormonal changes resulting in well-orchestrated physiological reactions. The consequences of chronic stress are closely linked to overall health outcomes. This is associated with dysregulation of immunological functions leading to systematic and neuroinflammation and consequential health deterioration. Preventative treatments may assist in mitigating the long-term impact of stress, but equally, stress-reduction treatments and resilience boosting interventions can assist us at times when prevention is not feasible or suitable.

Impact of Childhood Adversity, as Early Life Distress, on Cytokine Alterations in Schizophrenia

Miljevic C, Munjiza-Jovanovic A, Jovanovic T

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2023, 19:579-586

Published Date: 11 March 2023

Serum NOX1 and Raftlin as New Potential Biomarkers of Interest in Schizophrenia: A Preliminary Study

Hurşitoğlu O, Kurutas EB, Strawbridge R, Uygur OF, Yildiz E, Reilly TJ

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2022, 18:2519-2527

Published Date: 2 November 2022