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Archive: Volume 3, 2015

New perspectives on the molecular basis of the interaction between oxygen homeostasis and iron metabolism

Recalcati S, Gammella E, Cairo G

Hypoxia 2015, 3:93-103

Published Date: 11 December 2015

The role of hypoxia in cancer progression, angiogenesis, metastasis, and resistance to therapy

Muz B, de la Puente P, Azab F, Azab AK

Hypoxia 2015, 3:83-92

Published Date: 11 December 2015

Hypoxic regulation of osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption activity

Knowles HJ

Hypoxia 2015, 3:73-82

Published Date: 11 November 2015

Measuring oxygen levels in Caco-2 cultures

Zeitouni NE, Fandrey J, Naim HY, von Köckritz-Blickwede M

Hypoxia 2015, 3:53-66

Published Date: 9 October 2015

Induction of long noncoding RNA MALAT1 in hypoxic mice

Lelli A, Nolan KA, Santambrogio S, Gonçalves AF, Schönenberger MJ, Guinot A, Frew IJ, Marti HH, Hoogewijs D, Wenger RH

Hypoxia 2015, 3:45-52

Published Date: 8 October 2015

Frequently asked questions in hypoxia research

Wenger RH, Kurtcuoglu V, Scholz CC, Marti HH, Hoogewijs D

Hypoxia 2015, 3:35-43

Published Date: 18 September 2015

Resistance of subventricular neural stem cells to chronic hypoxemia despite structural disorganization of the germinal center and impairment of neuronal and oligodendrocyte survival

d’Anglemont de Tassigny X, Sirerol-Piquer MS, Gómez-Pinedo U, Pardal R, Bonilla S, Capilla-Gonzalez V, López-López I, De la Torre-Laviana FJ, García-Verdugo JM, López-Barneo J

Hypoxia 2015, 3:15-33

Published Date: 8 June 2015

Therapeutic inhibition of prolyl hydroxylase domain-containing enzymes in surgery: putative applications and challenges

Harnoss JM, Strowitzki MJ, Radhakrishnan P, Platzer LK, Harnoss JC, Hank T, Cai J, Ulrich A, Schneider M

Hypoxia 2015, 3:1-14

Published Date: 30 January 2015