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Clinical Ophthalmology

Archive: Volume 1, 2007

Coats-like retinitis pigmentosa: Reports of three cases

Emrah Kan, Turgut Yilmaz, Orhan Aydemir, Mete Güler, Jülide Kurt

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:193-198

Published Date: 15 September 2007

Ano/microphthalmia, ocular cysts, central nervous system malformations, and neuropsychological delay. Diagnostic considerations on 2 Brazilian patients

Maria Leine Guion-Almeida, Siulan Vendramini-Pittoli, Antonio Richieri-Costa

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:183-187

Published Date: 15 September 2007

A randomized trial assessing the clinical efficacy and microbial eradication of 1% azithromycin ophthalmic solution vs tobramycin in adult and pediatric subjects with bacterial conjunctivitis

Mark Abelson, Eugene Protzko, Aron Shapiro, Ana Garces-Soldana, Lyle Bowman, 1% azithromycin in DuraSite Clinical Study Group

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:177-182

Published Date: 15 September 2007

Surgical removal of subfoveal choroidal neovascular membranes in older patients without age-related macular degeneration

Rebecca A Wu, Richard M Best, David C Musch, Mark W Johnson

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:157-165

Published Date: 15 September 2007

Macular and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in Japanese measured by Stratus optical coherence tomography

Toshiyuki Oshitari, Katsuhiro Hanawa, Emiko Adachi-Usami

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:133-140

Published Date: 15 September 2007

The relationship of graft survival and herpes simplex virus latency in recipient corneal buttons

Orhan Aydemir, Peykan Türkçüoglu, Yasemin Bulut, Ahmet Kalkan

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:127-131

Published Date: 15 September 2007

The role of eye size in its pressure and motility

Harry H Mark

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:105-109

Published Date: 15 September 2007

Severe visual loss associated with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) in pregnancy

Katherine J Zamecki, Larry P Frohman, Roger E Turbin

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:99-103

Published Date: 15 September 2007

Editorial: Winston Churchill and peer review || FREE PAPER ||

Scott G Fraser

Clinical Ophthalmology 2007, 1:91-92

Published Date: 15 September 2007