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Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity

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The following Article Collection/ Thematic Series is currently open for submissions:

Managing obesity with pharmacotherapy

Dove Medical Press is pleased to invite you to submit your research to an upcoming Article Collection on "Managing obesity with pharmacotherapy" in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.

Obesity is a chronic, relapsing, progressive disease causing or negatively impacting numerous medical conditions, including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer. The foundation of its treatment is lifestyle modification. However, for many people with obesity, these changes are difficult to achieve and to maintain long-term. For this reason, great efforts have been made to develop effective drugs weight-reducing drugs.

In the past, pharmacotherapy for obesity produced discouragingly modest weight loss on the whole, and several drugs had to be withdrawn from the market due to unacceptably severe side effects. However, the future of obesity pharmacotherapy looks promising. Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists have shown promise in promoting sustained and healthy weight loss in patients with obesity with or without type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, drug combinations that target multiple complementary pathways influencing food intake have the potential to promote more significant weight loss.

However, several questions need to be addressed. The long-term effectiveness and tolerability of new weight loss drugs have not been fully determined, and many more data are needed on their clinical efficacy on cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes prevention, as well as real-word effectiveness. More research is also needed to understand better their mechanisms of action, which patients can benefit most from their use, and when and how these drugs should be combined with lifestyle modifications. It is also crucial to know their long-term effect on the specific subpopulations of obesity patients, such as adolescents, those with binge-eating disorder and their effectiveness before and after bariatric surgery.

The goal of this Article Collection is to solicit the contribution and submission of any article in the area of pharmacological treatment of obesity, including preclinical studies, clinical trials, and reviews.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:
• Combination of pharmacotherapy with lifestyle modification for the management of obesity
• Pharmacotherapy for obesity and bariatric surgery
• Pharmacotherapy for obesity in binge-eating disorders
• Pharmacotherapy for obesity in adolescents
• Pharmacotherapy for obesity and cardiovascular diseases
• Pharmacotherapy of obesity and type 2 diabetes magament
• Mechanisms of action of medications for obesity
• Safety of pharmacotherapy for obesity

All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo a full peer-review; the Guest Advisor for this collection will not be handling the manuscripts (unless they are an Editorial Board member). Please review the journal Aims and Scope and author submission instructions prior to submitting a manuscript.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is 1 October 2024.

Please submit your manuscript on our website, quoting the promo code JTCZR to indicate that your submission is for consideration in this Article Collection.

Guest Advisors

Riccardo Dalle Grave, Villa Garda Hospital, Italy

[email protected]

Dr. Riccardo Dalle Grave is director of the Department of Eating and Weight Disorders at Villa Garda Hospital (Garda, VR, Italy). In this department, he developed an intensive rehabilitative treatment for severe and disabling obesity and eating disorders both for adults and adolescents based on cognitive behavior therapy. He is the author of 178 peer review articles (Scopus h-index, 40), several book chapters, and books, on the treatment of obesity and eating disorders.

Giulio Marchesini, “Alma Mater” University, Italy

[email protected]

Prof. Giulio Marchesini is former Professor of Clinical Dietetics, “Alma Mater” University. After retirement from clinical duties, he maintained a research contract and chairs several research programs inside the IRCCS Azienda Ospedaliera di Bologna. Specifically involved in studies in the area of obesity, diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, he wrote over 500 peer-reviewed papers (Scopus h-index, 87), with over 50k citations.

Conflict of Interest: In accordance with Taylor & Francis policy and my ethical obligation as a researcher, I am reporting that I received funding from Eli Lilly for a lecture, a company that may be affected by the research reported in the enclosed paper. I have disclosed those interests fully to Taylor & Francis, and I have in place an approved plan for managing any potential conflicts arising from that involvement. I will not handle the paper and I will not be involved in the peer-review process.

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Call For Papers

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