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Biologics: Targets and Therapy

ISSN: 1177-5491

ISSN: 1177-5475 (Print) - went to online only in 2009

An international, peer reviewed journal focusing on the patho-physiological rationale for, and clinical application of, Biologic agents and their Biosimilars in the management of autoimmune diseases, cancers, or other pathologies where a molecular target can be identified.

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Latest articles:

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Armored CAR T-Cells: The Next Chapter in T-Cell Cancer Immunotherapy

Hawkins ER, D'Souza RR, Klampatsa A

Biologics: Targets and Therapy 2021, 15:95-105

Published Date: 14 April 2021

Virus Neutralization by Human Intravenous Immunoglobulin Against Influenza Virus Subtypes A/H5 and A/H7

Kubota-Koketsu R, Yunoki M, Okuno Y, Ikuta K

Biologics: Targets and Therapy 2021, 15:87-94

Published Date: 13 April 2021

Immunotherapeutics for Ebola Virus Disease: Hope on the Horizon

O'Donnell KL, Marzi A

Biologics: Targets and Therapy 2021, 15:79-86

Published Date: 18 March 2021

Glomerulonephritis in Two Patients with SpA Treated with TNF-α Blockers and a Review of the Literature

Bounia CA, Theodoropoulou EN, Liossis SNC

Biologics: Targets and Therapy 2021, 15:61-66

Published Date: 17 March 2021


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