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Papers published by Dr Mohamed Hassan Elnaem:

Causes, Nature and Toxicology of Fentanyl-Analogues Associated Fatalities: A Systematic Review of Case Reports and Case Series

Rauf U, Ali M, Dehele I, Paudyal V, Elnaem MH, Cheema E

Journal of Pain Research 2021, 14:2601-2614

Published Date: 24 August 2021

Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: A Clinical Scoping Review of the Risk Assessment Models Across Solid Tumours and Haematological Malignancies

Mosaad M, Elnaem MH, Cheema E, Ibrahim I, Ab Rahman J, Kori AN, Hin HS

International Journal of General Medicine 2021, 14:3881-3897

Published Date: 24 July 2021

Awareness of the Risk Factors for Heart Attack Among the General Public in Pahang, Malaysia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Ahmed AAA, AL-Shami AM, Jamshed S, Zawiah M, Elnaem MH, Mohamed Ibrahim MI

Risk Management and Healthcare Policy 2020, 13:3089-3102

Published Date: 23 December 2020

Causes, Nature and Toxicology of Fentanyl-Associated Deaths: A Systematic Review of Deaths Reported in Peer-Reviewed Literature

Cheema E, McGuinness K, Hadi MA, Paudyal V, Elnaem MH, Alhifany AA, Elrggal ME, Al Hamid A

Journal of Pain Research 2020, 13:3281-3294

Published Date: 7 December 2020

Renal Outcomes Associated with the Use of Non-Insulin Antidiabetic Pharmacotherapy: A Review of Current Evidence and Recommendations

Elnaem MH, Mansour NO, Nahas AF, Baraka M, Elkalmi R, Cheema E

International Journal of General Medicine 2020, 13:1395-1409

Published Date: 7 December 2020

Impact of Medication Regimen Simplification on Medication Adherence and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Long-Term Medical Conditions

Elnaem MH, Irwan NA, Abubakar U, Syed Sulaiman SA, Elrggal ME, Cheema E

Patient Preference and Adherence 2020, 14:2135-2145

Published Date: 2 November 2020