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Papers published by Dr Majed Al Jeraisy:

Accuracy of Antibiotic Allergy Documentation and the Validity of Physicians’ Decision in a Pediatric Tertiary Care Setting

Al Jeraisy M, Al Osaimi S, Al Hawas A, Muamar A, Aleidi L, Khonain N, Abolfotouh MA

International Journal of General Medicine 2021, 14:7819-7823

Published Date: 8 November 2021

Behavior Responses and Attitude of the Public to COVID-19 Pandemic During Movement Restrictions in Saudi Arabia

Abolfotouh MA, Almutairi AF, Banimustafa A, Hagras SA, Al Jeraisy M

International Journal of General Medicine 2021, 14:741-753

Published Date: 3 March 2021

Vancomycin in ICU Patients with Gram-Positive Infections: Initial Trough Levels and Mortality

Alshehri N, Ahmed AE, Yenugadhati N, Javad S, Al Sulaiman K, Al-Dorzi HM, Aljerasiy M, Badri M

Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 2020, 16:979-987

Published Date: 14 October 2020

An Evaluation Of Antibiotics Prescribing Patterns In The Emergency Department Of A Tertiary Care Hospital In Saudi Arabia

Alanazi MQ, Salam M, Alqahtani FY, Ahmed AE, Alenaze AQ, Al-Jeraisy M, Al Salamah M, Aleanizy FS, Al Daham D, Al Obaidy S, Al-Shareef F, Alsaggabi AH, Al-Assiri MH

Infection and Drug Resistance 2019, 12:3241-3247

Published Date: 16 October 2019