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Papers published by Professor Wuu-Jyh Lin:

Synthesis, Radiolabeling, and Preliminary in vivo Evaluation of [68Ga] IPCAT-NOTA as an Imaging Agent for Dopamine Transporter

Farn SS, Chang KW, Lin WC, Yu HM, Lin KL, Tseng YC, Chang Y, Yu CS, Lin WJ

Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2021, 15:2577-2591

Published Date: 17 June 2021

Therapeutic and scintigraphic applications of polymeric micelles: combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma

Shih YH, Peng CL, Chiang PF, Lin WJ, Luo TY, Shieh MJ

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2015, 10:7443-7454

Published Date: 16 December 2015

Preparation and therapeutic evaluation of 188Re-thermogelling emulsion in rat model of hepatocellular carcinoma

Shih YH, Lin XZ, Yeh CH, Peng CL, Shieh MJ, Lin WJ, Luo TY

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2014, 9:4191-4201

Published Date: 2 September 2014