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Risk Management and Healthcare Policy

ISSN: 1179-1594

Aims and Scope


Risk Management and Healthcare Policy is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on all aspects of public health, policy and preventative measures to promote good health and improve morbidity and mortality in the population. Specific topics covered in the journal include: 

  • Public and community health
  • Policy and law
  • Preventative and predictive healthcare
  • Risk and hazard management
  • Epidemiology, detection and screening
  • Lifestyle and diet modification 
  • Vaccination and disease transmission/modification programs
  • Health and safety and occupational health
  • Healthcare services provision
  • Health literacy and education
  • Advertising and promotion of health issues
  • Health economic evaluations and resource management

Risk Management and Healthcare Policy focuses on human interventional and observational research. The journal welcomes submitted papers covering original research, clinical and epidemiological studies, reviews and evaluations, guidelines, expert opinion and commentary, and extended reports. Case reports will only be considered if they make a valuable and original contribution to the literature. The journal does not accept study protocols, animal-based or cell line-based studies.

When considering submission of a paper utilizing publicly-available data authors should ensure that such studies add significantly to the body of knowledge and that they are validated using the authors’ own data through replication in an original sample.

Risk Management and Healthcare Policy will no longer consider meta-analyses for publication.