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Clinical Interventions in Aging

Aims and Scope

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Richard F Walker

Clinical Interventions in Aging, is an online, peer reviewed, open access journal focusing on concise rapid reporting of original research and reviews in aging. Special attention will be given to papers reporting on actual or potential clinical applications leading to improved prevention or treatment of disease or a greater understanding of pathological processes that result from maladaptive changes in the body associated with aging. This journal is directed at a wide array of scientists, engineers, pharmacists, pharmacologists and clinical specialists wishing to maintain an up to date knowledge of this exciting and emerging field. 

Clinical Interventions in Aging will no longer consider meta-analyses for publication. 

The editorial board comprises some of the most eminent scientists and experts in this field and the founding editor, Dr Rich Walker, is a distinguished researcher who has also published extensively in major international scientific and medical journals. 

Key Features:

  • Rapid Publication – Fast peer review, the journal is now fully open access
  • International Scope
  • Existing and Potential Clinical Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Ideal vehicle for Symposia and Special Issues
  • Original Research and Reviews
  • Distinguished Editorial Board
  • Rapid Publication of original studies and reviews in Anti-Aging

Subject areas

  • Intrinsic diseases of aging such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, etc.  Additionally, management of “normal” but degenerative aging processes such as changes in body composition leading to loss of independence and quality of life.  
  • Metabolic therapies
  • Indicators of disease risk
  • Health-oriented approach to aging (as opposed to a disease-oriented one)
  • Clinical options to combat the maladaptive effects of aging
  • Replacement of essential substances whose concentrations decline during aging
  • Managing functional decline during senescence
  • Preventing or delaying the onset of intrinsic diseases of aging

These areas are addressed through:

  • Original research (full papers and concise rapid reports)
  • Commissioned “state of the art” reviews
  • Proposals for prospective reviews are welcomed
  • Systematic reviews of individual agents, systems or devices. Such reviews will normally be commissioned
  • Expert opinion and commentary

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