Accommodative deficits in Down's syndrome published by Dove Medical Press


Clinical Optometry has published the review “Accommodation deficit in children with Down Syndrome: Practical considerations for the Optometrist”.

As corresponding author Dr Julie-Anne Little says “Down syndrome is the most common cause of intellectual disability, and to be able to fully participate and be engaged with society and learning, we, as healthcare professionals, should have knowledge, confidence and understanding to effectively manage their visual needs.”

Dr Little continues “This paper provides valuable insight into the management of accommodative deficits in Down syndrome, and gives practical and supporting guidance for optometrists and other eyecare clinicians.”

As Mr Simon Berry, Editor-in-Chief, explains “It is very topical and relevant to today's Optometrist. I believe it may get quoted in future papers. It may also be used to set new protocols.”

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Updated 25 September 2015