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Clinical Optometry

ISSN: 1179-2752

Archive: Volume 8, 2016

Prevalence and degrees of myopia and hyperopia at Gondar University Hospital Tertiary Eye Care and Training Center, Northwest Ethiopia

Shiferaw Alemu D, Desalegn Gudeta A, Tsega Ferede A, Woretaw Alemu H

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:85-91

Published Date: 21 November 2016

In vivo slit scanning confocal microscopic observation in a patient with moderate and severe keratoconus: a case report

Mutalib HA, Ghosh S, Sharanjeet-Kaur, Ghoshal R

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:79-83

Published Date: 26 August 2016

Association between multifocal soft contact lens decentration and visual performance

Fedtke C, Ehrmann K, Thomas V, Bakaraju RC

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:57-69

Published Date: 28 June 2016

Myopia in schoolchildren in a rural community in the State of Mexico, Mexico

Garcia-Lievanos O, Sanchez-Gonzalez L, Espinosa-Cruz N, Hernandez-Flores LA, Salmeron-Leal L, Torres-Rodriguez HD

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:53-56

Published Date: 8 June 2016

Assessment of corneal astigmatism following frown and straight incision forms in sutureless manual small incision cataract surgery

Amedo AO, Amoah K, Koomson NY, Kumah DB, Osae EA

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:47-52

Published Date: 22 April 2016

Visual performance with multifocal soft contact lenses in non-presbyopic myopic eyes during an adaptation period

Fedtke C, Ehrmann K, Thomas V, Bakaraju RC

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:37-46

Published Date: 21 April 2016

Diagnosis and treatment of anterior uveitis: optometric management

Harthan JS, Opitz DL, Fromstein SR, Morettin CE

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:23-35

Published Date: 31 March 2016

Strategies for improving the early diagnosis of keratoconus

Shi Y

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:13-21

Published Date: 24 February 2016

Contact lens associated microbial keratitis: practical considerations for the optometrist

Zimmerman AB, Nixon AD, Rueff EM

Clinical Optometry 2016, 8:1-12

Published Date: 29 January 2016